Free Essay Sample on Social Media and Phonelessness Experience

Published: 2022-05-26
Free Essay Sample on Social Media and Phonelessness Experience
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Make a list below of all social media you use daily AND note the date that you created each account.

The growth of social media is enormous among the new generation considering its substantial benefits in networking people from different parts of the world and enhancing socialism. I was not left behind being part of the new age of social media; I took the initiative of embracing the new mode of technology by embracing it through signing up for the respective accounts like the rest of the people do. Some of the popular social media that I have decided to be part of them include following, in respect to the dates I signed up for them: My first encounter and signup of Facebook was on the May 15th, 2010 while WhatsApp was on September 19th, 2012. A year later, September 30th, 2013, I sign up for a Telegram account. After signing up for those three, I subsequently signed for Twitter, Gmail, Google+ and Skype accounts all on the 1st June 2015. Through friends, I learned about Instagram and YouTube, and I concurrently signed up for them on the 18th December 2015. However, I came across other social networking apps and websites such as WeChat, IMO, and LinkedIn which I signed up for them on May 3rd, 21st, and 30th 2016 respectively. I was also mesmerized by other dating social media such as Badoo and Tagged which I used to connect with friends who are seeking for soul mates; I joined on the February 21st, 2017. The recent social media platform that I joined was Snapchat, which was on December 1st, 2017.

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What role does technology play in your life? Connect your response to your position on the digital native immigrant spectrum. Respond to both components of this question.

Technology has been useful for a long time and also helpful since many things can be solved in few moments. I embraced the new technology of social media due to the significant impact it has made to connect friends and relatives all over the world, advertising and marketing of the new products, informing of new developments, educating in new ideas, and entertaining. Since I signed up for various social media platforms, my life changed completely since I felt the transformation in how to connect with people easily without making any physical movements from place to place and I can get immediate feedback from friends that I have connections.

Sheri Turkle (author & professor of social science at MIT) argues that we are becoming too comfortable being "alone together." What is your interpretation of this concept? Do you agree with her assertion? What examples can you provide to support your position?

I second, Sheri Turkle point of view that we feel comfortable when we are "alone together." In comparison to the old times, the contemporary age of the social media had prevented most of our social life with the family and friends around them. Instead, the users engage with the social media friends when in a lonely room, but still feeling more comfortable. The social media has made it easy for the user to share files, photos, videos, and audio so easily compared to meeting with people face to face

Social Media Fast Part Two: Pre-fast Activity

How did your phonelessness impact your interaction with your human companion?

My phoneless experience being had a limited effect on my interaction with my human companion since we had enough time to talk together and share stories without being interrupted by some phone notifications, messages or calls. NO one ignored the other, and at least eye contact was maintained at all times.

What did you want to know during this time? As in, what did you want to Google? How did you get the answer to your question(s)?

However, in the negative aspect, we faced some challenges when seeking for a fast food outlet that we can hang around since we did not have the phone to search for the direction. It was frustrating as we wasted time seeking for the conducive place that can fit us. We had to ask for people as we walked some of them were not familiar with the place.

How many times did you reach for your phone?

There was no instance when I reached my phone since both my friend and I had left phones at home.

How did this experience make you feel?

The experience that I had without having the reach to my phone made me appreciate technology, social media. Without the social media, it took us the longest route to get at the place we were seeking, unlike the Google Map where the user can quickly get the direction to the nearest fast foods outlets, or even the Facebook and Twitter where we could have got shared food outlets that are within our location. On the other hand, without the reach of the phone gave us a platform of human interaction with my friend where we discussed things that affect us in our realistic world, rather than social media where we encounter some of the fictional stories and propaganda.

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