Free Essay Sample on Nursing Preceptorship

Published: 2023-11-08
Free Essay Sample on Nursing Preceptorship
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As I embark on my nursing journey, I want to ensure that I reach the highest level of efficiency. During my preceptorship period, I want to learn in the best way possible and ensure that I gain adequate and sufficient knowledge to boost me in my nursing career. I have set several objectives that I want to achieve through the process for a person with no goals is a person with sure uncertainty.

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Proper Assessment of Patients in the Nursing Process

In utilizing the nursing process I will be able to assess my patients first, determine what nursing diagnosis is suitable based on the data collected, what plans do I put in place, and what interventions would help achieve my short-term and long-term goals. I will be able to evaluate my patients to see if I meet the goals I set or if the interventions were effective. I will be able to achieve this confidently on the first day of work in the unit with 3 patients before the end of Am shift for the day.

I will be able to reassess my patients as more data is being collected and re-evaluate to see if the goals are met on every patient in the first 3 months of work and throughout my nursing practice as it is the standard format in delivering nursing care. Through this reassessment, I will gain more knowledge about the patient's condition and understand the disease the condition better. In doing so, I will be able to treat patients in the future with similar conditions faster and more effectively.

By meeting this objective, my knowledge on how to deal with various conditions in the world of medicine will have broadened and this will enable me to progress efficiently un the nursing diagnosis.

Teamwork and Collaboration

Participate in activities that promote teamwork and collaboration, keep track of 2 staff birthdays and wedding anniversaries as these activities help in boosting morale before the end of my second shift in the first week of work. In doing this, I will have created a spark of friendship with the nurses and enhance good co-relations.

I will be a good team player, use my communication and listening skills, share skills and techniques with team members within the first 6 months, and throughout my nursing practice. This teamwork and proper collaboration will enable me to create and enhance good relationships with the nursing staff and in turn, learn much more from them.

With the teamwork and collaboration skills gained with the inter-professional team, the outcome of patient care and medical errors will be reduced greatly thus enabling delivery of professional care in the healthcare organization.

Prioritization in Patient Care

Prioritization is the nurse's responsibility and goes together with time management in inpatient care. I will prioritize tasks taking the most delicate tasks first then following a sequence of tasks to enable proper task arrangement on my work schedule to minimize delays. I will do this at the beginning of the first to third shifts in the first week of work.

I will develop how to manage my time effectively to avoid serious complications in the client's care in the first 6 months of starting work and also, this is a continuous process that I will keep and maintain in my nursing career.

Prioritization makes it possible for nurses to accomplish the best patient care, it gives me the ability to treat multiple patients at a time, and concentrate more on areas of higher priority.

Nursing Interventions

I will try my best to demonstrate the ability to evaluate nursing interventions implemented. I will meet this objective by establishing a baseline and determining if any changes will occur after the initiation of the plan of care to the first 3 patients that will be assigned to me in the first week of my shift. An example of this may be the re-evaluation of a client following the administration of medications.

Evaluating the effectiveness of intervention by closely monitoring patients’ I & O and checking on vital signs in the first 6 months of my shift. This will enable me to build a positive result for the patients at my attendance in the hospital organization.

This will shorten the client’s hospital stay and quicken one’s recovery and increase client satisfaction.


I will enhance my ability to manage and integrate healthcare systems and grow my knowledge in the area to enhance my patient care capabilities through undergoing extra training within the first three weeks.
Through the extra training I will be able to gain knowledge and sufficient skills that will enable me to become a better nurse not only in the present but in the future too.
The knowledge will give me an edge over other nurses and enable me to be successful in the integration of healthcare systems in various healthcare organizations.


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