Essay Sample on Personal Online Brand

Published: 2023-01-19
Essay Sample on Personal Online Brand
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A personal online brand is a reputation that tells of what a person is known for as well as how people experience a particular person. This reputation is becoming a foundation of a person's career. Before the emergence of social media platforms, creating a personal brand involved a bunch of business cards, and one needed to hire a person who can design graphics to create a logo for online branding. The brand that a person creates about himself or herself is one of the important ways one can stand out and influence other parties in the economy. The personal online brand serves as a way people can remember about a particular person and. It is more detailed than a stunning logo or a trademark; it represents the way one presents himself or herself in the in social media platforms to potential customers, employers, or clients. It helps in creating a brand image of a person and personal brand profile around a person as an individual. Every aspect affects one's personal brand; the manner of speaking, ahata person wears and the way of composing emails or posts (Brooks, & Anumudu 2016, 20p). A profile image tells in-depth volume about a person, and so it does in social media or details that come up on searching the name of a person from Google search. A person acts as a brand, and therefore it is important to have a marketing technique when posting profile details on social media, this is a way a person can begin to develop a brand of his or her name. Today, employers check on online profiles regarding their potential employees during the process of hiring; therefore, it is essential to Create a good personal online brand to provide a holistic and more authentic view of the person. This paper explores some of the facts about my personal online brand.

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Part A

My online brand currently entails a combination of my values, interests, talents, skills, and beliefs. This aspect reflects who I am at my core; these qualities define my personality and helps to shape my brand. All the information available on google about myself are unmistakable information; all the attributes that my potential employers can see are relevant. Oi set up Google alerts regarding my name so that at any moment, something hits on the internet. I can know and verify. My profile details are authentic with no embellishment and brag.

My profile also shows my contributions based on my field of study. This can help in showing my potential employers the value that I can add and the way I can support my colleagues through social media or blog. I do a regular update of my profile to keep my brand up to the current status; I value updating my professional pages like social media sites, LinkedIn and blogs as I maintain the theme of my brand throughout all of the social media platforms. My online brand provides an accurate reflection of my profile. One of the aspects that I have to change about my current profile is to change my focus; I need to not to focus on myself alone. I should engage other peers and build my brand by helping others for them to have placed their focus on me. Another thing that I need to change is to have some of my time focused on some of the offline events such as networking opportunities, sharing of videos and images from real life events is also important in creating a stable and unique online brand.

Part B

My online brand has shown significant changes; this happened after some of the modification that I made on my profile details such as, theme attendance, the involvement of other peers, and regular updates on my profile. One of the most important change is the rise in the number of followers on social media and positive comments about my profile.

Action plan template

Strategy events Amount of time date

The effective brand audit process Log in to my social media accounts and monitor their presence, conduct survey questions, claim my profiles, analyze traffic, analyze feedbacks, analyze the content, find my potential employer, and conduct the brand value 1hour 30 minutes 05/06/2019

Set privacy options in social media platforms Check my audience before sending any post, guard my details, control my timeline, manage social media apps that can access my location. 1 hour 05/06/2019

Edit or create a LinkedIn account Open social media accounts, and optimize my profiles by investing in a more professional image, join groups or conversations using LinkedIn to be respected and remembered. Add information regarding my field of study, introduce a summarized dazzling section, write some of the keywords regarding my online brand. 5 hours 06/06/2019

Involve peer members based on my field of interest Join social media groups of my colloquies 4 hours 10/06/2019

link with some of the industries based on my field of interest 15 days 15/06/2019

I am feeling so proud about my performance in a personal online brand; I appreciate the skills that I have been thought about how to develop it for I can enjoy their fruits at the moment. This idea can help in developing a good foundation for my career as well as an authentic personality. Starting a website is one of my objectives; the website has more advantages in terms of communication without restriction as compared to other social media platforms.


Brooks, A. K., & Anumudu, C., (2016). Identity development in personal branding instruction: Social narratives and online brand management in a global economy. Adult Learning, 27(1), 23-29.

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