Essay Sample on Meditation Practice Reflection

Published: 2023-08-10
Essay Sample on Meditation Practice Reflection
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In my early childhood memory, I was brought up in a family comprising of my parents and siblings, and there were some other households next to our home. The extended family members were rare to come by, though loving and caring. Dad could sometimes become hostile and even punish us severely if we failed to accomplish any assigned house chores. We had to adhere to all his orders regardless of the low series they were to avoid any conflict.

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My mother was humble but strict as I learned to become independent not only in my households but anywhere my assistance was necessary and could be appreciated. I am glad to acknowledge that I have come out to be a successful person in all my life endeavors. I feel happy to freely socialize with other members of the society and offer any necessary assistance, which emanates from my father's efforts of not failing to accomplish any but of assigned duty.

My father also emphasized that the world is hostile to them that are lazy but friendly and conducive to those who are hardworking and dependable. It is the only message father could echo any time we gathered to pray and serve our meals.

Cultural History

My earliest experience was when I joined college, where I met and interacted with people of various cultural groups. The conduct of people was purely based on cultural practices back at home. As time elapsed, I came to embrace some cultural practices I at fast thought was impossible. I realized that for people to socialize healthily, there was a need to learn and borrow from other people so that they can also learn and embrace that which you value most.

The concept of socialization should also be considered in a situation where different cultural groups live together and benefit from each other. I came to realize that the culture of service for others is good and should be practiced by people as it impacted positively in my life. When I fall sick after I inculcated the culture into those I interacted with, which in turn compelled them to come and offer service free of charge just by the virtue that I had always been spotted doing the same more often.

As much as culture is essential in any given social unit, there is a need to evaluate and eliminate some cultural practices that add no value to people we come across and undermine other cultural groups in one way or the other so that there is peaceful co-existence. Cultural theory has revealed that parents are the agents of cultural transfer because they influence how we behave right from the child to adulthood during which acquire much about cultural benefits and practices we embrace throughout our lives (Myers & DeWall, 2017).

Personality Development

Personality is complex, and therefore, every psychologist develops a theory concerning his understanding. Freud's theory of personality development proposes that personality is solely influenced by childhood sexuality and unconscious motivation. Other schools of thought believe that personality is an innate ability whose manifestation depends on childhood grooming and the environment within which a child is brought up. Freud's theory of personality development revolves around emotional striving that emanates from a conflict between impulse and restraint (Pennington, 2018).

Thus, the physiological and psychological process is initiated by a struggling ego that struggles to reconcile and bring balance between IQ and superego. Freud further co-agonized his psychosexual theory into strands of ages and gives adequate details on low personality development at each stage and causes of suppression is motivation is not encouraged at any given stage leading to personality stagnation (Pennington, 2018).

With all the psychologists in their theories to explain personality and how it develops, Adler is renowned for his adequately conducted research with well-blended evidence to explain his propositions with regards to personality development. Though there are quite a several psychologists whose theories and concepts have been used in a way or the other in the diagnosis and treatment of any disorder, Adler is an outstanding therapist (Adler, 2018).

The basis to Adler's theory was his strong notion that the mind is mostly hidden. Conscious being is compared with the point of an iceberg that submerges above the surface. Under the iceberg is the large, unconscious mind with its thoughts wishes feelings as memories (Adler, 2018). The thoughts are frequently retrieved from the precocious mind into awareness. Above all, Adler believed in his theory that personality forms during the early stages of life's first few years, which lead to the development of psychosexual theory well elaborated in his publications.


Schizophrenia is a condition in which the mind of a person deviates from reality. Individuals who have schizophrenia experience unique emotional behavior, such as disorganized speech, irrationality, and distorted perception (Crider, 2020). It is of late the most heavily researched psychological disorder. It is closely linked to abnormal brain tissue and genetic predisposition that results in a chemical imbalance in the brain.

Schizophrenia is of two types that are chronic and acute. Chronic schizophrenia is one that develops slowly while acute schizophrenia is one whose development is rapid following particular life stresses, and its recovery is much more likely compared with chronic. Prenatal and environment are other factors that could perpetuate the development of schizophrenia (Crider, 2020).

There are two symptoms of schizophrenia which include positive symptoms and negative symptoms. Positive symptoms of schizophrenia are those that are rare to get in most people, such as exaggerated ideas and perceptions (Crider, 2020). Examples of such symptoms are delusions and hallucinations, and they are often very vivid in that they impair the ability of a person to know what is real and what is not real. Such symptoms usually negatively impact the individual's ability to care for themselves.

Negative symptoms involve things like tests in the world, emotional responses, and facial expressions. Negative symptoms of schizophrenia are of two types that is primarily negative symptoms and secondary negative symptoms, and differentiating; the two can be very challenging. Primary negative symptoms are part of the disorder itself. It usually occurs between or during exacerbation. Secondary negative symptoms are those that are a result of isolation, withdrawal from medication, depression, personality disorders, and substance use, among others (Crider, 2020).


Scientists have been able to develop a genetic test that helps in revealing who is more likely to be at risk. It is because schizophrenia could be inherited. After all, it is biological and is attached to genes that enhance its inheritance. Eggs and sperms are taken to a genetic laboratory for screening before combining to produce an embryo. Other diagnosis includes talking strangely, hearing of nonexistent voices, delusion, seeing things that are not there, laughing or crying at an appropriate time and social isolation, among others (Martin, 2017).


It is fortunate enough for any psychological disorder scientists or researchers; psychological therapist has tried their best to come up with a solution or measure intending to curb any given disorder. Schizophrenia is one of the bio-psychological disorders affecting brain and gene structure. Some therapies have been developed to suppress the condition or treat the disorder.

Since 1950, psychopharmacology has revolutionized the treatment of defile with a severe mental disorder; these include Antipsychotic drugs that actively suppress the condition. Other closely related drugs of such kind are antidepressant drugs, mood-stabilizing medication, brain stimulation drugs, and electroconvulsive therapy, all of which are aimed at treating and regulating psycho-disorder of any kind and schizophrenia in particular (Myers & DeWall, 2017).

Each of the treatments is built on one or more of psychology's major theories, which include psychodynamic, humanistic, behavioral, and cognitive approaches. It is also essential to note that one approach, however, much more effective. It has proven to be under several tests is not enough to fully restore an individual from the disorder (Myers & DeWall, 2017).


Psychological disorders and mental in particular have undergone different attempts to come up with treatment based on trial and error. The effects have fondly increased as several approaches are depending on the nature or maturity of the mental disorder. Biomedical therapy and psychotherapy are the main approaches that scientists, together with psychological researchers, have fully developed and published to and in the diagnosis and treatment of any mental disorder.

Researchers are, therefore, recommending the blending of several approaches in dealing with a mental or any other disorder. Such kind of therapy is referred to as deictic and has been so effective in treating any mental disorder. For individuals who have schizophrenia, virtual reality exposure therapy is much more recommended in situations where anxiety arousing is too pronounced. It has been developed by virtual reality technology to expose people to clear simulation (Pennington, 2018).


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