Employee Wellness Programs - HRM Essay Example

Published: 2019-02-08
Employee Wellness Programs - HRM Essay Example
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At this point of the semester, my stress levels have reached its peak. The many assignments, tests, lab work, and classes have spiked my stress levels. Not to mention, my sleep hours have reduced, and the exhaustion is hard to bear. On the real sense, I have been a complete mess this semester. I have found myself confused by the lectures, reading for my finals, and also saving personal time to clear my head. More so, one day during the semester, all the professors who came in class left assignments that were due two days after that class. I must say that I have had lots of pressure to the extent that I feel I have no motivation at all. Throughout the semester I have had a difficult time figuring out how I am going to accomplish group projects, presentations, and tests.

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Despite all the exhaustion I have had during the semester, I managed to apply some aspects that I learned in the course to help me handle stress levels. For instance, I have learned the importance of having a sense of control. I have now improved on how to manage my responsibilities, accomplish my goals, and still have time to rest. However, I am not there yet, but I feel like the stress levels have reduced to some extent. Moreover, I have tried as much as I can to avoid procrastination and do one thing at a time. Before, I used to do assignments halfway and begin the other one. I came to learn that doing things halfway makes me feel more confused and affects the quality of my work. Hopefully, I intend to make improvements to my school and personal life next semester.

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