My Life Story - Free Essay on Personal Experience

Published: 2019-05-30 16:36:27
My Life Story - Free Essay on Personal Experience
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Ever since I was a young boy in the streets of Oregon, I was always fascinated by successful people in life with big jobs, big houses, good cars and happy families. Coming from a humble background, all these were beyond my reach and this meant that if at all I was to earn anything close to that, I had to work extra hard in my school work in order to rest assured of success. This therefore sparked in me a strong desire to achieve and even surpass all my predecessors. Joining school was a great adventure for me. I always wanted to learn new things, interact with other students from different backgrounds, and best of it all, get to finish school and become one of the most sought for accountants in our state or the United States of America at large. I had this conviction in me that as long as I had set my eyes on the goal, nothing could deter me from reaching the greatest heights.

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I always remember the day my dad told me that life itself is a journey through which one gets to be molded to become a refined person. This has been a true reflection of my life till date. In middle school, I joined the Tennis team and within two years, I became captain. Here I learnt all aspects of working together as a team and the true meaning of synergy. I learnt to be a leader and how to deal with the highs and lows of life. I also learnt to be the sole reason for the motivation and inspiration amongst my teammates during difficult and tough times. Being a captain made me stronger emotionally and I learnt to make critical decisions at all times. From this experience, I learnt to be a good leader who listens, advices, encourages and fights for the common good of the people under my capacity. This led to the discovery of one of my long term goals, which is to be a leader in future, back in our community or in the state.

My main inspiration each day is to be better than I was the day before. I always work hard and maintain high levels of determination in my classwork. I once read that success is a journey and not a destination. With this, I have always kept my mind sober even when passing my exams and finally making it through high school. I have learnt not to wine and dine in the present day success and forget that the challenges to come in the latter days will be bigger. I have also learnt that failure is not an option in life and therefore working to be the very best has always be my aim and I will never settle for anything less. I am therefore always working hard to land myself a chance and graduate from Florida State University, which is one of the best colleges in the country and finally get a Masters in Accounting.

Finally, I always appreciate the fact that growing up and learning itself is a process. That life brings with it a lot of mishaps and challenges. And also the fact that to be successful, one has to make mistakes and learn from them, to finally become a better man. With this in mind, I am always willing to keep an open mind and am ready to learn from other people in the society. I know that from them, I will learn how tackle life issues and also how to adopt in different environments with different people, with different opinions. On my side, I am willing to work with the less privileged in the society in capacity building and motivation. I am also willing to share my leadership skills if granted an opportunity and if given the chance of being part of the tennis team, I will glad to share my skills.

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