Free Essay Sample on Directions - Apple Inc. Organization

Published: 2023-10-28
Free Essay Sample on Directions - Apple Inc. Organization
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Apple Inc. is a business that is in charge of designing, manufacturing, and marketing of products such as media and mobile communication devices, personal computers, software’s, applications, and networking solutions. The business was started in the United States in April 1976 by Steve Wozniak, Steve jobs, and Ronald Wayne (Arora et al., 2018). The company has the best organizational structure which has helped it remain on top of its competitors such as Google, Sony, Amazon, Microsoft and many other companies.

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The Role of the Human Resource Management Process

The human resource manager in the organization is in charge of different responsibilities such as defining work for the employees, staffing and employee benefits and compensation. Therefore, Apple’s human resource manager is in charge of ensuring the productivity of the company by improving the efficiency of its workers. Apple’s human resource managers are also responsible for recruiting and hiring workers with the required skills that will help the business meet its current and future goals. The HR managers also work together with the managers at all levels to help develop employee’s skills. Thus, human resource managers should have the ability to plan and address not only the continually shifting competitive job market but also the changing needs of the business.

The Process Used by Apple Inc. for Acquiring Competent Employees

The recruitment process is a significant part of running a business. Since staffing is an integral part in the business, the HR managers always give equal opportunities to every candidate without discrimination based on sex, religion, race, age, or caste during the recruitment and selection process. The first step to attract qualified candidates is advertising and inviting eligible applicants through the news, newspapers, online and social media networks (Heracleous & Papachroni, 2016). The second step is deciding whether they are going to do internal sourcing where they give chances to the existing employees within the company or external sourcing, where they invite new candidates from outside the company. After advertising, they start identifying the right candidate for the job vacancies by checking the credibility of the candidate’s credentials through interviews, oral tests, gamification, and written tests. Once the hiring panel has found the right candidate, they let them know that they are interested in them through a job offer.

The Orientation Process Used for New Employees

Apple Inc. has one of the most magnificent orientation processes compared to its competitors because the employers know how to invest in their employees (Werner & DeSimone, 2009). Apple makes the new employees feel their value through communication between the management and coworkers through teamwork. After the introduction, the new staff is given the essential information about the new place of work such as the dos and do not’s of the company, dressing code, pay, equipment, benefits, and duties, which helps them to adapt and integrate to the company’s culture quickly and realize the role of their new position towards attaining the company’s goals.

Training Items That Apple Inc. Provides for Its Employees

Training is very significant in Apple Inc. to help prevent and eliminate non-quality products. Apple uses different training to help engage their employees depending on the type of work that the new hirer is entitled. However, employee’s safety is their highest priority, while training the new employees some technical training might include items that require training to prevent injuries that may be caused by work-related accidents. Examples of training items that Apple provides to its employees include computers which help the employees to train how to use software’s and keep pace with the fast-growing computer industry. Another training item that Apple Inc. provides its employees with is a workshop where they test the effectiveness of their products and ensure the success of its products. Another essential training item that the organization provides to its employees is the first aid kit which helps attend to them in case of an injury or accident.


In conclusion, employee retention is necessary for the success and long term health a business. Apple Inc. business is one of the leading companies with the highest employee’s retention rates (Armstrong, 2016). According to research, the company’s ability to retain its employees for a long time has enabled it to remain on top of its competitors, ensure its customer’s satisfaction, right working conditions among staffs, and high product sales. The corporation has been able to retain its employees for many years through motivation using rewards such as money and gifts. Another reason why Apple has managed to keep competent employees is through respect and opportunities for the worker to grow, which has created flexible working conditions between the company and its employees. Communication between the employees and management is another factor; the employees are allowed to speak their mind freely. Another significant factor is the ability of the employer to recognize the value of every employee and giving them every opportunity to develop their skills through training and job promotions.


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