Personal Essay Sample: How Critical Thinking Class Helped Define My Goal

Published: 2019-09-04
Personal Essay Sample: How Critical Thinking Class Helped Define My Goal
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I am 40 years old mother of two children with South Korean roots. After moving to the United States, I made the decision to pursue a career in nursing so that I can fulfill some of my dreams. In spite of the age, I have the conviction that the program would provide a perfect opportunity to offer myself the necessary education for the improvement of society in the next phase of life.

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The choice of the nursing career was informed by the various situations that I experienced in my early life. I have always dreamt of caring of people and play a part in alleviating the suffering of patients. The after-high school exposures, however, did not provide the opportunity to pursue this course as anticipated. So, the relocation to the US revived the dream, and I made the decision to study nursing and practice as a registered nurse with the primary objective of fulfilling my career ambitions. Also, I expect the training to equip me with additional care skills that would permit me to be an inspiring example for my children as a nurse as well as a successful mother. Moreover, the program will accord me the medical knowledge that is essential for the management of personal health and that of my children. In particular, I intend to use the knowledge in the management of weight so as to reduce the chances of suffering from weight-related medical conditions.

I am aware that the journey towards a successful nursing career requires a lot of personal commitment and dedication. In this regard, I plan to take several measures to ensure that the dream of becoming a successful nurse is realized. Currently, I am enrolled for preparatory nursing courses so as to attain the pre-requisite qualifications that would give me the eligibility to advance the studies to a full nursing program. After the completion of the present pre-requisite engagements, I intend to take TEAS test and later enroll for a two-year ADN program. After the completion of the two-year program, I will register for NCLEX-RN exams so as to attain the requisite qualification for registration as a practicing nurse.

The choice to study at Fayetteville Technical Community College was based on its ability to help me in achieving my career goals. For one, its proximity to my residence offers the perfect convenience regarding to movement and other related costs. Also, the institution is reputed for providing one of the best technical training in the State of California. Furthermore, the school offers nursing programs at affordable fees, and that makes it better-placed due to its sensitivity to economic aspects of students.

The critical thinking class has helped me in several ways to define personal goals. The lessons learned have offered tremendous insight into the various approaches that one needs to exploit in identifying problems and developing possible solutions to the identified problems. In effect, I understand how important it is to analyze difficult situations to devise ways of getting out of such challenging environments. Also, the class has made me understand how to evaluate, gather and objectively evaluate information so as to come up with accurate judgments regarding particular issues in life. I consider these techniques essential in subsequent learning experiences about nursing concepts and principles. Moreover, the class defined my goal in the sense that it permitted me to synthesize information before coming up with logical conclusions of courses of actions. This background is essential in providing the appropriate framework for a nursing career which requires a lot internalization of concepts and drawing conclusions. Furthermore, the class enabled me to understand the need to analyze the consequences of courses of actions before taking the actions. This lesson is significant because it reflects the experiences that are encountered by nurses during their everyday activities as practicing nurses.

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