Essay Sample on Online Account Privacy and Security

Published: 2023-11-28
Essay Sample on Online Account Privacy and Security
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Most organizations have not dragged behind and have adopted online platforms that enable clients or customers to access services remotely. These organizations include banks where customers are required to sign up by providing vital information such as bank account number names and, in other instances, the mobile phone number. Customers need to have gadgets such as mobile phones, computers, or even tablets that have been configured with an internet connection. This paper addresses online account privacy and the clients' data security and how to ensure that their data is safe.

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It is essential to have both security and privacy since they can impact your cyber safety. Security and privacy are related. Privacy refers to the rights one has over their personal information. Security refers to how personal information is safeguarded. Most online platforms require users to sign up by providing personal information, such as emails, phone numbers, Identity Card numbers and bank account numbers (Bhatnagar & Pry, 2020). Some people develop questions when they are required to give some personal information. These are the individuals that have data security knowledge and the risks involved.

Almost all online platforms require the user to agree to the user privacy policy and terms of service. Most users ignore user terms of services and make agreements blindly. It may lead to the risk of invasion of the user's data security. New users that have not faced security breaches believe that their data is safe while creating the accounts (Hennig, 2018). Individuals should be cautious when giving their private information, such as passwords and bank account information. This is because hackers create mirror websites that deceive users to give out their credentials.

After conducting extensive research on data privacy and security, I concluded that it is essential to avoid similar passwords while creating all accounts. Clients should work with organizations and companies that value privacy. They should also take measures to safeguard personal information. These include limiting what to share and understanding how the data you are giving could be used to evade privacy.


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