Complete College Studies - Free Essay Sample

Published: 2023-12-12
Complete College Studies - Free Essay Sample
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I agree with Hillary Hoffower when he Says College studies are becoming hard to attain over the years and the situation might dominate in the future for about five years because of the increasing expenses of learning. There have been several school discontinuations as well as fall out in colleges for the past ten years which strikes the need to understand why such several of these situations have been present. The major contributing factor to the claim is the ever-increasing college fees and student loans. As so, it is possible that the situation ought to worsen over time due to several contributing factors.

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The current evidence which exists on the yearly dropout or falls out numbers across the nation has led to the question about why such incidences occur. Additionally, there are some discussions made directly affected by the situation on the same and which has led to the questioning of such a major part of the education system in terms of how the increasing demands fail its main objective. There is the need to understand that poverty and illiteracy levels in the nation ought to relatively increase over time since fewer people will be able to acquire academic excellence at the college level. The following paper, therefore, investigates the matter of student dropout and learning exceptions as a result of increasing relative costs such as high college tuition fees and student loans. Through such, it will be possible to derive necessary solutions to the situation hence making it improved.

Global Economic System

The ever-changing global economic system requires an individual to acquire as much knowledge from the learning system as possible in the sense of attaining academic excellence. Failure to such excellence has led to many numbers of young people getting stranded in society due to a lack of options. Various higher institutions of learning have been faced with financial challenges such as federal government assistance hence making the relative adjustments. Unfortunately, students are directly hit with the problem since various costs of learning are imposed on them thus reducing their attainment chances (Hoffower p36). There are several passing opportunities which disadvantage such students, leaving them vulnerable to the society. Also, it is important to understand that the tougher the economy gets, the more such costs will increase and the learning process will become harder hence fewer learners will be able to attain such success. Some college institutions across the nation only imply the relative increasing nature of the situation over time since more learners will be dropped out of the learning system.

There is a subjective impact of the situation which relates to the increasing criminal activities among several states in the country which can be partially solved by checking the system and filling the gaps hence coming up with more opportunities for the younger populations. Hoffower asserts that since the early 1980s, the college tuition fees have been increasing and currently stands at more than twice. Looking at many institutions across the country, there has been a response given which relates to how the college funding project has been a scam. Wring implications on the same had been previously issued hence making it harder to deny such a fact.

Increased College Fees

Apart from the increased college fees for the students, there is a relatively increased tax rate from the student’s loan which makes it tough for a lot of students to take the loan due to the fear of repaying it. Ten years ago, there were standardized rates for student loans which made it easy for them to use the rates in the completion of their education. It is however unfortunate that currently, students are not in the capability of taking the loans since they seem more ruining than building. According to the statistics collected, it is clear that there is a relatively long period of payment time for learners who take the loan which discourages the act. It is important to understand that the loan was initially meant to help learners in paying several costs in the course of their learning (Hoffower p36).

Taking the information from Josh Kirdy, he has been greatly affected by the student loans over the years since he completed college studies. Also, he is intended to pay more of such taxes in the coming years till he attains the age of thirty-five years. Working two jobs at the same instance with every employment require standard performance and attention, the salary he gathers seems like nothing to him. This is majorly due to the deductions which face his income leaving him with a very little amount to cater to his needs. As much as the loan assisted him to effectively learn at the time, the total amount is not equivalent to the benefits (Hoffower p38). He only represents a major segment of students that face a similar problem in the working environment in the current world. As so, there is a greater need to determine the most relevant interventions to solve such a situation. Through problem identification, it is possible to develop measures to solve the situation.


A very common solution to the issue is the reduction of the college learning institutions over various states to make it easy for the federal government to distribute the funding effort to such institutions hence making them able to accommodate more students with fewer charges being imposed. As much as the individual institutions generate the income that helps them to cater to the needs of the learners, there is a greater need to receive state funding that can assist in the completion of several projects. There is the need to include more bids for such funding which apart from helping the development of institutions, will lower the cost of learning at the institutions hence making it easy for more students to be accommodated (Hoffower p53).

Also, regulatory costs should be administered within the student population with excessive taxation being withdrawn for the benefits of the learners after completion of the learning process. Unfortunately, individuals have a continual payment of their learning fees even after completion of education a situation that limits their development. As so, there will more students enrolled in the institutions which will increase the social literacy status and at the same time, provide a promising learning atmosphere that will make students more relative to work opportunities in the outside world. The future of this issue is the ability to prepare learners better through college tutoring and reducing the cost of student loans.

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