Free Essay on the Issue of Undocumented Students

Published: 2022-06-07
Free Essay on the Issue of Undocumented Students
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1. DACAs and Dreamers

Based on the DACAs and Dreamers, what is clear is that the debate that is existing around the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals(DACA) initiative is dominant and the exact truth is that the Trump administration has worked on sidestepping it and the situation on the ground is that most of the DACA applicants are currently losing the benefits of DACA and the existing truth is that an average of 112 DACA recipients have been on a daily basis losing their work authorization.

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Given the discussion in Washington DC, it is important to note that the undocumented children did not choose to enter the United States illegally and this has no impact on themselves or neither their parents. Through court ruling, the end result was that the court found it unjust to offer punishment to the student by depriving of the free public education to which other children who are existing in Texas are entitled to have. In offering full solution for the issue, what should be done is that the Congress is supposed to pass the DREAM Act so that students who are undocumented can start benefiting from its provision, with the bill being applicable to those undocumented immigrants who have been presently existing in the United States for a period of five years from the period in which the bill is put in operation. additionally, so as to make sure that the advantages of the DREAM Act is not on the expiry end, it is important to note that Congress must also come up with another bill that will offer in-state tuition advantage and status adjustment to some of the undocumented students who are either residing in the United or have entered the United States before a specific age.

2. Undocumented Students

Focusing on the existing population, it is important to note that there exists an estimated total of 1.5 million undocumented individuals who are surviving in the American public education system and they forming part of 60, 000 to 50, 000 graduates from American high school annually. However, according to Plyer v. Doe supreme court decision that is dealing with free secondary and primary education, it is important to note that these students have limited opportunities when it comes to accessing higher education. On the contrary, federal law has on the other side authorizes and has offered arguably responsibility for postsecondary educational institutions not to offer the opportunity to undocumented students who are in the in-state tuition rates which are at state residents disposal.

I totally agree by Professor Holley- Walker and professor Romero argument that denying undocumented college and university student to have access to public universities and college institutions constitute unacceptable inequality and one should understand that the undocumented students are in most cases are victims of circumstance and what is happening is beyond their control. Most of the children were brought to America at very early age.

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