The Big Brother Essay Example

Published: 2019-05-21
The Big Brother Essay Example
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Also to add on his failure to be a hero, instead of showing open uprising for effectiveness towards the spying and all that was happening around he sneaks around and uses hidden guerilla warfare like tactics. This therefore leads to a failure as many of us may see.

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However, still we can see a flicker of hope for the revolt against the government as was his primary goal to undermine the treacherous regime. As seen the Big Brother oppresses its subject by prohibiting free thinking, expression of individuality and even sex. He is seen as a hero in that he revolts against all this by having that diary where he secretly writes his thoughts of what he dislikes about the current era of social rule. He seems to like the idea of the Brotherhood that encourages liberty of youth. The alleged Leader of the sect, Emmanuel Goldstein, is seen as the most dangerous man in the society. This can be seen as heroism.

Finally to add on his insurrection, he goes ahead to have a covert affair with one of his workmates which is not actually out of sexual desire but as a sign of revolt. This later turns into an intimate relationship sadly. In their opinion if they did this for themselves it was a sign of courage and rebellion, this is because if they were caught it would be the end of them. It was his, and at large Julias, act of rebellion against the government and the Party general existence. Therefore why I would regard him a hero.


Evidently, Winston though has heroic tendencies, is not presented as a hero leave alone one to be emulated. The writer portrays him in cowardice manner where he is seen not to publicly advocate for the inhumane activities taking place in the country.

He is seen as a thinker rather than one who is ready to make change happen. He thinks a lot about his world and situations that are around him as a personally and so to say not very perspective as most ordinary men are. In numerous occasions he is naive. He is pleased with the fact that Julia, the girlfriend has slept with several other men just because he is revolting against the party. Anything that hinted at corruption always filled him with a wild hope". This was a foolish point of perspective.

Sadly, as the hero he should be he accepts all the brains washing that Obrien feeds him about the Brotherhood without giving much thought to it. He later is imprisoned and tries get a razor blade to take his life forgetting he does not have secrets or information that could be only sealed by death he is an ordinary citizen. Therefore we see the cowardice behind all his action therefore not a here that is ready to live a legacy behind.


From the first part of the essay where we try to see if he is really a hero, I clearly explained my point of view that Winston fits the definition of a hero according to George Orwells definition of who a hero is. Although he sees he wont make the great impact in the society as seen from the first parts of the novel, he still tries what he could though his efforts or no effort didnt change the situation.

Firstly he denies fake truths of the present that have been doctored by the Party to suit their own agenda and acknowledges the existence of the past historic happenings. Although he himself may not have done this purposely for heroic purposes, the action itself is heroic. When working in the ministry of truths as the one who alters Historical records to fit what the present regime wants, he is seen not to like the Job. He lives to hate what he does.

Secondly he openly goes against governments believes of what freedom of thinking is and goes to write his own secretive diary consisting of thinks he thinks the government is not doing right. He further goes ahead and haves sexual relations with a co-worker which the Party prohibits. This in itself is just heroic.

Finally he endures so much before his mind is changed and brainwashed. He undergoes sadistic torture which I pointless anyway. He comes to realize To die hating them was the freedom he wanted.

In conclusion, we see he is not actually a hero from the novel as the story ends in a bad note. It simply warns us against the sadistic end of freedom as some change bringing heros fail to stand their ground in real life.

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