John Donne's Poems Essay Sample

Published: 2022-11-08
John Donne's Poems Essay Sample
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The poem of "A Valediction: forbidding mourning," was authored by John Donne which discovers love through the notions of separation and assurance. John Donne uses the imaginary in his poem to convey his ethical themes on his audiences. He further explains that love comes from the link at the mind and the assembly of the souls together and as a result of this the physical existence is inappropriate if a real marriage of minds has happened, connecting a couple of lovers soul everlastingly.

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Also, John Donne selects to generate a scene of parting. John persistently believes in love, and the time off is not necessarily the basis of despair. In stanza two he describes the common reaction that people in a relationship have to part ways, whereby John elaborated that such responses of weeping and sighs are not the evidence of one's true love to another partner. John Donne appears to be of the idea that the familiarity in separation for those who are of "polished love" is an optimistic one. Usually, we do subordinate split-up with distress and despair; he also looks to associate it with greatness and strength. In this separation their love is enlarged, it continues to grow as he tour around the world with them. Donne suggests this knowledge of separation over his metaphor of "gold to airy narrowness beat." Due to the skill of parting, their love is worked and prolonged.

On the other hand, Holy Sonnet ten by the same poet John Donne conveys both the sense of mockery of death and the feeling of cynical and dominion. The main effect of the poem on the reader is to assure and bring confidence in facing death. The author's expression tries to make the reader feel that death can be defeated. For instance, death has been referred as been "mighty and dreadful," but the author explains that it is not more important than a "short sleep" where men go for the "rest of their bones." In this poem, the general idea of death is scary and frightful. However, the reader is told that it is only a short phase that everyone passes through. Hence, it is a great opportunity for men to separate their souls and physical body.

In comparison to these two poems, the subject is much different from the other in the essence that "A valediction; forbidden mourning" explores love through the ideas of separation and assurance whereas "Holy Sonnet 10" explores the sense of mockery of death and the feeling of cynical and dominion

In comparing the attributes of the two poems, we found out that they are similar on the following point of view; first, in the essence of separation, the author in the poem of a valediction: forbidden mourning states that when in love the absence is not necessarily the main cause of despair. Also, he described the usual reaction the lovers have for separation by stating the reaction of signs and tears do not necessarily prove the loved one has for another. On the other hand, in Holy sonnet ten poems, separation is viewed in the essence of death. Through death, men do separate their Saul from their physical body

In both of the poems, separation is mainly associated with sorrow and despair. When one is deeply engaged in a love affair, they both feel sorrowful for one another in the case difficult situations since love comes from a connection in mind and joining of the souls. On the other hand, the poet of the Holy sonnet ten associate separations with sorrow and disparity by calling death as "mighty and dreadful "and also death being frightful to human beings.

In both the poems, the author associate separation with strength and greatness. In the valediction: forbidden poem, the author states that due to separation, their love is expounded and it continues to grow and travel around the globe with them while in the second poem, the author links separation with greatness and strength in the case of death. He stated that death could be defeated since all men will end up in heaven through the transition. There is also the essence of use of imaginary in both of the poems; it is evident that John Donne uses the imaginary in his poem to impart his moral themes on his audiences.

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