Internet In Our Life Essay Samples

Published: 2018-02-22
Internet In Our Life Essay Samples
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Essay on advantages of the internet

The development of technology brought immense benefits to people especially through the introduction of the internet. Thanks to the internet, communication, and information sharing have been made easier and faster. It has ensured that information sharing through emails has been enriched and has also been made convenient. The world has become a global village through widespread use of the internet. Through the internet, people across various parts of the globe can communicate with ease which was not possible few decades ago. The internet has given rise to the development of social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and WhatsApp, among others. Through these platforms, people can share out social issues as well as learning the culture of other people. Businesses are leveraging social media to do marketing as well as other business-related activities.

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The internet has played a crucial role in enhancing learning in both academic and professional arenas. Google is perhaps the biggest search engine that interlinks a lot of domains which have various forms of information available. This has made life easier whereby they can access books and other learning materials online. Today, the books that were only available in hard copies can be typed and uploaded on the internet as soft copies. This has greatly reduced the cost of purchasing the books and also increased the depth in terms of material portfolio. Additionally, learning is also enhanced through the application of the internet where virtual classes can be taught online. It is possible for a teacher to assume classes remotely through teleconferencing.

The internet has also assisted in opening up businesses to the outside world. The businesses can sell their products and services online. This has been made possible for the fact that individuals can use their smartphones, tablets, computers among other gadgets to easily access the websites. This can help customers to compare prices of different products and also avoid falling to the wrong quality in addition to assiting them make infomed purchasing decision. The internet has opened a platform for banks and other financial institutions to facilitate transactions for their customers. Through it, customer do not have to carry hard cash in order to facilitate their transactions. Logistics firms leverage the internet to enhance tracking of goods through installing microchips in their vehicles and this has improved the security of their cargo.

The internet has also provided a crucial platform for information sharing. People can get the latest updates on what is happening across the globe. The news agencies can link easily with other media stations to know what is happening in particular places without necessarily sending their staff. Individuals can easily assess the authenticity of information by searching on vatrious sources in the internet. Apart from that, it is quite imperative to note that through platforms such as Youtube, one can access videos in large volumes. And it is through such, that the internet has played a role in creating employment for some people. In conclusion, the internet has enabled the people to access a lot of information that was previously impossible to access and this has transformed their lives by making several aspects daily activities easy.

Role of the internet in our life

As the saying goes, the internet has made the world a global village where people from different continents can interact and conduct their businesses online with flashes of seconds. The Internet has led to a completely new world of possibilities where people can make orders, shop or purchase travel tickets right from their comfort zones. The distance of the products or services that a person need does not matter as the internet links people anywhere, anytime, eliminating all the constraints. The internet has many advantages that have doubtlessly made people’s lives easier. It has made communication quicker and easier, enhanced the advertising world, has brought the possibility of tracing lost items and made learning easier.

Before the emergence of the internet, people used traditional modes of communications such as letters. It would take a lot of time for the letter to reach the targeted audience and in some cases, it would get lost along the way. The message would never reach the intended party. The internet and the availability of devices such as cellphones and computer have made communication easier. The communication has been further supported by social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Skype, WhatsApp, and Instagram. Through these platforms, one can send instant messages, or can even make video calls. The message is therefore delivered instantly.

The Internet has promoted advertising. Initially, advertisements were made through the print media, radio, and television. Although these forms of advertisements still exist, the internet has brought quicker and cheaper modes of advertisements. Indeed, with the help of the internet, one can choose their target audience, and their location so that the specified population can only view the advertisement. Platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram have also played a crucial role in enhancing advertisements and public relations. All these have been made possible by the availability and easy access to the internet. Both small and large businesses can now create their website where they can market their products through the social media platforms as well as their websites.

The internet has made it easier for the securities to trace stolen items. In the modern world, the impact of cybercrime and identity theft are felt by many people. Therefore, many, manufacturers install some anti-theft software on all the devices that they manufacture. Every time the lost devices have access to the internet, the manufacturers and the securities can be able to track the devices and arrest the criminals.

More significantly, the internet has made learning easier. The availability easy access to the internet has led to the establishment of online classes where people can attend the session, and group discussions online. They can also seek professional help from tutors online where they are guided on the best ways to approach certain problems. Also, there millions of websites that provide tutorials for almost all the disciplines making it easier for the students to approach learning from various perspectives. The flexibility in learning equips the learners with various skills and technical know-how, that make learning, easier and fun.

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