Free Essay Example: Substance Abuse

Published: 2023-12-11
Free Essay Example: Substance Abuse
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Question 1; Substance Abuse

It is the harmful usage of psychoactive substances such as illicit drugs or alcoholic drinks to alter their normal functioning. These psychoactive substances usually bring about dependency syndrome to their users. Substance abuse only results when a drug is used for the wrong purpose, which it was not intended. Substance abuse alters the normal functioning of the brain hence affecting the entire body of an individual (Halpern, et al. (2018). Continued use of some drugs can alter an individual's brain, by affecting transmission of neural impulses.

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Question 2; Risk and Protective factors

Risk factors are biological, cultural, or psychological aspects associated with a higher probability of achieving undesirable results. On the other hand, protective factors are features linked with a lesser possibility of getting harmful outcomes reducing the impact of the risk factors (Abuse, (2018). The risks and protective factors don't vary with time because they are fixed while others are variable such as income, peer groups, or employment status. Potential risk and protective factors usually exist in individuals based on their society, the relationships that exist among them, and, finally, the communities they live in.

Question 3; Cultural competency and awareness

Cultural awareness and competency play an essential role in the prevention of both drug and substance abuse. Culture plays a vital role in preventing substance abuse by; gathering relevant information that is collateral, providing responsive management systems to some cases, and integrating cultural factors into treatment plans by involving both counselors and motivators. The best approach to counteract substance abuse consists of the community or cultural values in the affected individuals (Campbell, & Alexander, (2002). The reason for this is the cultural aspects, as well as societal behaviors and practices, influence one's characteristics.


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