Diabetes Teaching Essay Sample

Published: 2018-07-30
Diabetes Teaching Essay Sample
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Reaction to the Insulin Hormone

Diabetes gets noted as the body's inability to offer production or reaction to the insulin hormone thus leading to the abnormality in metabolism glucose and its other elevated levels in the both the blood and urine (Barnett, 2012). Therefore, the paper gets founded on an elaborate discussion about the diabetes teaching. The education offers significance in educating both the diabetic and the non-diabetic on how to manage their situation and also avoid conditions which may result in the condition respectively.

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Today, diabetes gets noted as one of the diseases which increases risk in various cardiovascular problems such as the coronary disease, chest pains, and even stroke among others (Brill, 2012). The mentioned justifies the need for the teaching to help those who are diabetic to manage their condition without complications. The teaching, therefore, involves a broad consideration of psychosocial factors which gets needed for the management of the disease.

The teaching outlines the aspect of healthy coping in which it calls on the individuals with and without the disease to eat healthily and stay active (Dunning, 2013). For those who already have diabetes, they should ensure regular medication to maintain the blood sugar level. The teaching also educates that the diabetic individuals should avoid instances of stress and depression (Mertig, 2012). The depicted may put them in danger of managing their situation as required. They must, therefore, ensure that they follow every medical guideline and live by the healthy living standards.


In conclusion, diabetes teaching gets noted in the paper to play a vital role among the diabetic and the non- diabetic. It helps those with the disease to manage their condition healthily as already noted. It equally assists the non- diabetic on how to lead a diabetic free life through the maintenance of healthy living standards.


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