Free Essay Describing the Case Study of the Academic Background and Career Falsification

Published: 2022-10-18
Free Essay Describing the Case Study of the Academic Background and Career Falsification
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Was O'Leary's punishment appropriate? If not, what sentence would you have given him, if any?

The punishment provided to Mr. O'Leary seems to be genuine but harsh in every perspective of its condition. It does not consider the aspect and circumstances that lead to the falsification of his academic background and playing career. It is evident that the coach did not graduate with a master's degree in education from New York University. Likewise, he neither had a successful career as a football player. Although his coaching ability and background was at par with expectations of Notre Dame College football. According to the college, dismal performance and struggles in its football team. The decision to allow Mr. O'Leary to take charge of the group was insightful and wise.

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The coach was at the highest point of his career and had an excellent reputation and success as a football coach. His capability seemed unmatched to his fellow candidates that were interviewed for the same coaching job. As part of the management within the university, I would suggest that Mr. O'Leary is given a chance to coach the team. The coaching job should be conditional to Mr. O'Leary's admission of falsification and changing of his credentials regarding his academic and playing career.

If you were his previous employer, would you take him back? Why or why not?

If I were the coach's previous employer, I would take him back since his reputation, as an established coach was not in doubt. I would require a change on Mr. O'Leary's credentials touching on his before on his academic and playing career that have to be truthful. As a successful coach having previous coaching stint in this college (Georgia Technical College). His coaching stint at Georgia Tech was very successful as he guided the college football team over seven seasons with a record performance of 52-33 and five straight bowl finals. These performances distinguish his professional ability as a coach although questioning his performance as a player and academia. It is therefore very inappropriate to suggest that his professional role and achievement as a coach was a falsification.

What did you learn from this exercise?

This exercise guides academia and professionals with liberty to provide information about their careers and achievement with absolute truth without concealing any information. Also, historical background in professional roles should be accurate and correct to the letter with facts that accurately be proven for verification of individuals professional roles. The college should also take responsibility for failing to verify the credentials of Mr. O'Leary's during the interview process through his referees. It is somewhat unethical and unprofessional that after successful application and hiring as the head coach of the Notre Dom college football. The institution forces the coach to take utter humiliation by a forceful resignation, which would not have been done if Mr. O'Leary had failed to get the coaching job.

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