A Scientific Study of Elephants, Free Essay

Published: 2022-11-07 20:16:15
A Scientific Study of Elephants, Free Essay
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Carl Safina is a scientific researcher who does his work on the nature of the world especially the lives of animals. He has written many books among them 'beyond the words' which focuses on what animals think and feel. On his notes, different researchers are highlighted according to their fields of discovery. Cynthia Moss on the significant question study does her research on Amboseli elephants. She dives into the lives of elephants, and her findings are based on the lifespan of elephants. According to her most elephants died after the age of fifty. On the same basic brain research, Katito Sayialel in collaboration with Cynthia Moss studies on the relationship elephants create with other animals. The reviews are entirely galvanized on the behavior and interaction of wolves hyenas, dolphins and elephants.

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Margaret Morse Nice also covers the research on distinctly humans and discovers that elephants have souls and can communicate using their close interactions. Scientists such as Darwin, Freud and other research institutions such as Albert Einstein College made their discoveries on the grave and ancient circuits based on animals' emotional feeling. For example, they studied crayfish anxiety, dogs compulsive behavior and the consciousness and cognition of animals and humans. Iain Douglas-Hamilton learned that elephants were organized into families although, in the family foundation, female elephants make decisions. On, motherhood happens; Vicki observes that females can breed even from the age of thirteen.

Description of behavior especially on the nature of social groups among elephants

Social groups

Elephants have a foundation of family, and the organization is based on how the matriarchy groups make decisions.


Certain species of animals cannot fear elephants and other animals such as dogs, cats, and rats. Despite that they are hunted by humans, they have feelings and emotions of frustration, sorrow, and intimidation which makes them depressed with anxiety and other defensiveness mechanisms.Communication

Elephants and other animals communicate and interact using their souls and another symbolic language that enables them to make decisions in their life.

Intelligence and consciousness

Elephants as human beings are conscious of the connectivity between their brains and their body. They can feel pain, think intellectually about the decisions they make and personally meet their perceived needs.

Deep and ancient circuits are useful consciousness connections that keep emotional feelings in animals and humans active ( p. 30). The relationships in animals culminate emotional feelings in such a way that the elephants become cognitively aware of all activities. On page 36 about the concept 'we are family,' the author explains that elephant species has a family as the foundation part that controls all the activities and relationships formed. On page nine of the article, the researcher talks about the big question. They found that the first elephant family was that of Alison and the discoveries made illuminates that most elephants died at the age of fifty.

The big question

The author on this section talks about the lifespan of different elephant families and the conclusions drawn is the number of years most elephants are likely to live.

Distinctly human

According to the author, elephants like human beings have emotional entanglement which hastens their interaction and communication.

Deep and ancient circuits

The connection in elephant brain showcases different emotions, behavior, and responses depending on the level of their experiences. The interconnection is based on their brain connections.

We are family

Elephants have a foundation of families inherently female and children based society. The elephant society is rallied on matriarchal decision making because of the resolute female intelligence.

Motherhood happens

Female animals breed at the age of thirteen and motherhood is matriarchal.

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