Free Essay Comprising the Outline for Research on Homelessness in America

Published: 2022-05-13
Free Essay Comprising the Outline for Research on Homelessness in America
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Introduction: The issue of homelessness has been a challenge in many parts of the world. In America, the issue is growing and needs more attention. It has been a challenge since mid 1980s and it seems to be getting worse. After the 2008 economic recession which affected most f the companies and led to higher unemployment, the number of homeless young people in America has increased. The analysis in this research shows the different issues relatred to this fact.

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Purpose of this research: The purpose of this research is to analyze the state of homelessness in America among the young people/. The focus is on the people aged 3 to 24 years and in the major cities like New York. The aim of the research is to analyze the issues that lead to homelessness and the challenges that these youths face.

Part A: Database search for the literature review: In this section, the database of the resources used in the research has been listed and explain. The section has analyzed six references which give most of the data to be analyzed in the literature review. The references include two peer-reviewed articles, a book, a newspaper article and a government report. In the database analysis, the references are explained in brief and this has given an introduction about each.

Part B: Literature review: The report by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, released in 2014, shows that 37% of the homeless people are young. The US Department of Education together with the National Center for Homeless Education (NCHE) in 2013 reported that 1.2 million of the children in the public schools are homeless. About 216,261 families were homeless in a night and they were made up of 60% youths who are aged 18 years and below. It has been found that post-trauma stress; defensive behavior and anxiety are some of the common impacts of homelessness. A report by the National Center for on Family Homelessness shows that 47% of the homeless children suffer from depression, withdrawal, and anxiety. More 83% of these children have been victims or have experienced severe violent cases and 66% of these children have also been involved physical violence, abuse. From the analysis above alone, it is valid to conclude that the young homeless people in America face many challenges which can be reduced through better planning.

Part C: Research design: The research design used in the research includes the research include descriptive research. In this section, a complete description of the research design, the ways of collecting data and the research instruments have been explained. The participants of the research will be chosen from the streets and they will include youths aged 13 to 24. The research will also choose a sample of people who have been homeless for over three months and who are mentally stable.

Part D: Data analysis: In this section, the analysis of the data has been explained. It includes how the data will be analyzed using SPSS, tables, and charts. The charts and tables will make the research results easier to understand at a glance. For example, the chart on the demographics of the homeless people in America show that 22% of the homeless people are youths aged 18 years and below. They make the base for the research as shown in the chart below.

References: The references used in the research will be listed here.


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