Free Essay with a Case Study on a Struggling Reader Who Is an ESL Student

Published: 2019-06-25
Free Essay with a Case Study on a Struggling Reader Who Is an ESL Student
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The cases of children with reading or writing inabilities have grown over the past years. The background in which such kids are brought up has brought about most of this. In some, the parents are forever absent. As a result, their beloved children end up being straight up dummies for all the wrong reasons. It is an ironic matter to learn about a kid with reading issues yet he or she lives in a two-storey mansion and has good health. Someone should remind the parents that the money they are looking for with so much toiling is not going to be that important when their kids cannot graduate from high school let alone are admitted to college. In other situations, some kids just grow up to be ignorant. It is in most cases their fault since they do not want to put any effort into their schoolwork. Therefore, most of them end up dropping out since their parents cannot afford the rising fees. For others, the choice to live school becomes theirs solely because they believe they are mature enough, and their guardians simply have no care where they end up.

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This study focuses on tenth-grade school kids namely Andy and Skylar. These two are key subjects in this study because of the need for statisticians like me to prove that gender does not necessarily create reasons for kids to stoop so low when it comes to their school and society behavior. The study also aims at proving that despite increased rates of immigrants with no formal language basis; a lot can be done to improve the situation. The purpose of the study is to create awareness of the need to for school teachers to take up the responsibility of ensuring kids who are from other countries are at par with their local colleagues. There is a major difference between a grown up person and a mature person. The question, therefore, remains; does someones place of origin influence the level of education a child is capable of achieving? This case study delivers an unbiased response on this critical yet unheated topic.

I would very much like to begin by stating Andys short but interesting case, but I have taken many feminist classes so, ladies first. Skylar is a tenth grader in her close but digitally distinguished school. She is only thirteen years old, but she feels like she is already sixteen. She is an ardent reader of romance novels evidenced by her huge collection of Collins and Sheldon. When it comes to class material, however, she is not very much interested. Due to this, she tends to exhibit; do not care attitudes and random jokes in almost all of her classes whenever a teacher seeks an answer from her. If she tries responding to it correctly, she ends up making grammatical errors in her pronunciation. Skylar was adopted by a couple living in California after spending most of her life in orphanages and sister homes. She was a survivor in a civil war that lasted for months in Northern Mexico. When responding to questions, she gives shallow answers and when she does, she strains when it comes to creating comprehensive sentences.

This is mainly brought about by her frequent use of Spanish in her communication. Even in her English essays, someone with research on her like I have would assume she would come out top of her class in the subject. But as her concerned teacher explains to me, she has a long way to go. Skylars dont care attitude coupled with her ignorance will take her nowhere once she is done with elementary school, says her English tutor. Her Biology teacher also notes that she has a challenge in spelling Biological terms, leave alone pronouncing them. Miss Stark emphasizes that Skylar has good plots in her essays and is very creative when it comes to making stories interesting for instance by creating flashbacks. However, her lack of correct grammar fails her. In most cases, she ends up using pompous words she has acquired from novels only to write them incorrectly.

Skylar is an active tennis player too. She spends most of the time during weekends at her friends house playing tennis with girls already in high school. Her perception of coming from a lowly family drives her to such environments. In one instance, she was arrested by traffic officers while in a car with her high school friends who were driving to a party without valid licensing. This obviously angered her parents, but she was too ignorant for them to put her on a short leash for at least a week. In an instant, she was back to being the same old Skylar who pays attention only to her wants. The desire to recognized and become part of a higher social ranking seems to affect Skylars performance in school since she is always looking forward to the next big thing instead of focusing on her studies. Her guardians believe she is lucky to have been admitted to such a good school.

According to them, the desire for a good future for Skylar is what drove them to commit to such hefty tuition fees. Skylar has no second language issues since she is constantly meeting new people at many house parties. Her parents are concerned about who their daughter is going to turn out to be because she keeps saying she is old enough to take care of herself. Her father does not like her behavior and believes that helping her with her homework could help improve her grammar in both English and Scientific terms. Her mother insists they seek the help of a psychologist, as does her English teacher. This I also believe could play the trick and transform her attitude before it is too late. The reason I chose Skylar out of her many classmates is her stranded nature in life. She is striving to be more yet she can be anyone she wished to be in no time.

Andy, on the other hand, is of somewhat incomprehensive character. He is ever late to school, and this does not seem to disturb him. He is aged fourteen and goes to a standard elementary school in his town. He is also in his tenth grade. The need for an educated background, especially in this century seems to ring an unclear bell to his deaf ears. Andy is an explosive artist whose country of origin is Spain but was raised in the U.S. He, therefore, has no recollection of being a Spaniard. He spends most of his class time drawing interesting drawings on his Chemistry textbooks while his colleagues are busy listening to the teacher. He loves reading, but his interest only falls in historical matters. He is fluent in his Spanish but terrible when it comes to writing. He also uses many incorrect English terms in his speaking. Andy likes to stay alone all the time even when he is taking his meals in school.

He does not interact with many people even outside the school environment. The only people he finds himself in constant conversations with are his concerned teachers and school Principal. He lives with his mother presently after his Father divorced her. She is caring but also an alcoholic. Most times, he gets home from school only to find the house empty. It does not take a nurse to establish that Andy is malnutrition. The decision to get divorced surely affected him since he has not been in contact with his father. He hates his parents because they neglected him a long time ago. Whenever he comes home, Andy feeds on a bowl of cheap cereal, which does not always come with milk. Her mother clearly prefers spending all the money in the male-dominated centers.

His love for art, however, makes him want to become a better version of himself. He has therefore bought a secondhand camera with which he can take photographs daily when strolling around be it school time or during the night. His mother does not like the idea. As a result, she is always scolding him reminding him that she pays enough school fees to keep him away from home. Andy does not believe his life should take that course. According to him, art has always had a lot to offer for those who were talented enough to exploit it. He envisions himself resting on the green grass somewhere in the leafy suburbs of Barcelona. The reason I chose Andy is because he has the potential just like Skylar. All he has to do is create time for school and draw as much as he wants during his free time. As long as he collaborates with his teachers like they want to, his speech will improve, and so will his grades.

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