Free Essay: Forum Security Risks and Changes in Law Enforcement

Published: 2023-09-28
Free Essay: Forum Security Risks and Changes in Law Enforcement
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Globally, there is much technological advancement credited to human beings through innovations regarding the use of computers. The technological advancements are spread across various fields, including information technology and motion intelligence in machine learning and robotics. However, the emerging progress in the use of computers has increasingly impacted the sector of law enforcement by adding more tasks. The paper, therefore, discusses how the integration of technology into more devices, systems, and infrastructure has increased security risks in contemporary society. Besides, the paper explains the transformations that have occurred in the sector of computer crime and law enforcement units.

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Breakthroughs in computerized devices are highly disruptive and bring about major transformative shifts (Reddick et al., 2018). They are driven by a digital revolution that commenced more than four decades ago. As much these devices are essential towards simplifying tasks, they also pose critical disadvantages to users who, in most cases, are unaware of such risks. While using these devices, users get exposed to threats such as; destructive viruses and worms into the devices, drive to drive download. Also, harmful software from websites is automatically downloaded and installed in the mechanisms of victims without their permission or knowledge, ransomware in which a victim's device is locked and required to pay the hacker ransom to access the data in the devices (Neumann, 2019).

For example, the National Security Agency (NSA), as a unit hires international hackers to conduct surveillance on computerized communication devices in various to detect and prevent risks posed to users because most of it's staff dealing in computer risks are unable to solve the risks (Reddick et al., 2018). Also, the law enforcement unit of the National Institute of standards and technology (NIST) finds it hard to cope with the increased risks posed by computerized devices (Glinka et al., 2017). They are then forced to change their work plan to find better means of inspecting the production of computerized devices (Glinka et al., 2017). Increasing the rate of risks by computerized tools calls for an upgrade in computer crime and law enforcement.

Also, the integration has facilitated the frequency of criminal acts by easing the planning of such activities. For instance, due to the rising innovation in the field of programming, the cyber-criminals can easily access places and understand their topography without physically being in such situations. Thus, due to the increase of risks resulting from computerized devices, computer-crime law enforcement units change to be in a position to curb the ever-increasing risks on device users (Neumann, 2019). These units function to ensure that technological dangers and attacks on computerized devices are minimal. They have to find better means on how to handle emerging technology risks to prevent many victims from suffering the same.

On balance, regardless of the advantages embedded in the growing rate of innovation in the computer systems, the integration of the systems into various devices have exposed contemporary society to more risks than before. For example, setbacks like the theft of data from enclosed places have been increasing gradually. The current innovation has facilitated it in the computer infrastructure, which has, in turn, led to program manipulation in various sectors. Also, controlling access to secured rooms has become difficult due to the phase of integration whereby most home appliances have a modification that enables them to access the internet. Consequently, the stealing of software has become common in contemporary society as the accessing control rooms have been made easier than before due to the emerging innovations. Therefore, despite the advantages of integrating computers into daily human lives, they also pose serious security threats.


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