Essay Example - Food Insecurity Areas

Published: 2023-04-11
Essay Example - Food Insecurity Areas
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Food insecurity is referred to as food intake destruction or eating pattern due to money shortages as well as other resources. In some countries such as the United States, some households experience food insecurity, and as a result, they need support to ensure they can survive until when they will be stable. Food insecurity does not necessarily lead to hunger; nevertheless, hunger is a probable food insecurity outcome. Food insecurity can be divided into two categories as follows: low food insecurity where this is a diet's reduced variety, quality, or desirability (Garasky et al., 2006).

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In most cases, there is no or little reduced food intake indication. The second category is identical to low food insecurity, and this is a report of several indications of the interrupted eating pattern as well as reduced food intake. I think we should help those people that are exposed to food insecurity areas because, to some extent, it is not their fault, and some may desire to get out of this condition, but they face several limiting factors.

Neighborhood conditions can be a hindering factor in food access (Garasky et al., 2006). The condition may be due to limited transportation options, and limited and expensive food markets, some may travel for long-distance before reaching the stores, and there might be a challenge of accessing public transportation or even personal vehicle (Mott et al., 2018). All these factors limit people from accessing food as far as they are in need, and such people need help to Improve such conditions to make it easy for them to access even marketplaces as well as other places where they can get food.

Food assistant programs like National School Lunch, also known as NSLP, Women, Infants, as well as Children (WIC) and Supplemental Nutrition Assistance (SNAP), can address access to healthy food barriers in a more defined way (Garasky et al., 2006). These programs can help in reducing food insecurity because most of them are aware of the areas in need of help, and the kind of challenge the area is facing.

We should help them because every person has the right to take food. Every person has a right to an adequate living standard for the sake of his or her health along with the well-being of that particular individual as well as the entire family (Mott et al., 2018). There is various right to food elements that should be considered. The first element is food availability, and this implies that enough food should be generated for the sake of the present as well as future generations, thus, entailing the sustainability notion or long-term accessibility, along with environmental protection. It is our right to ensure food is available to the areas facing a challenge to access foods to ensure the continuation of their existence. They should not be left to cater for themselves since some try as much as possible to see the improvement in their areas, but the surrounding conditions such as poor road transportation becomes a limiting factor.

The second element is adequacy, and this refers to the needs of dietary an individual is entitled to, and this ought to be fulfilled in terms of quantity along with accessible food's nutritious quality. It also counts on the essentials of considering the values of non-nutrition that are attached to sustenance, be they consumer concerns or cultural ones (Mott et al., 2018). As a result, since these people have a right to enjoy food, then instead of leaving them to starve when they should be willing to provide quality as well as quantity food to them for the sake of their health. Food insecurity hinders countries' development since potential people may be suffering food loss, and with sufficient food, they can do wonders to be the link for their area's development.

Moreover, the obligation to accomplish necessitates the government should proactively get involved in activities that are meant to strengthen the individuals' access to food as well as resource utilization to facilitate their capability of feeding themselves. Whenever a person or a group is limited in enjoying the right to enough food due to some reasons that are beyond their control, then the states commit to ensuring they directly fulfill that right (Garasky et al., 2006). The action we as providers should take must not increase hunger levels, malnutrition, or the levels of food insecurity. It is the right of the government to ensure that people who have food insecurity are protected for their right to food not to be violated. As a government, we must invest in the annihilation of hunger and ensure the maximum availability of resources to supply to food insecurity areas.

Since we will not keep on supplying food to them daily and these people will still need food, which is a right they should enjoy, then it is good for the government to take action to what is hindering them from having goods and access to food and make some changes on those situations. In most cases, the means of transport may be lacking, and it is the responsibility of the government to ensure transport means are accessible to these areas for the sake of even future generations (Garasky et al., 2006). From my point of view, any factor that limits people from areas with food insecurity to access foods should be acted upon to handle the problem when it is still early instead of waiting until it will be persistent.

Another reason why it is good to provide food to them is that hunger, as well as malnutrition, have an undulation effect that decelerates development (Mott et al., 2018). The consequences of food shortage or wrong food are that it causes suffering along with poor health. Suffering, as well as poor health, may make the government spend a lot of money that could be used in other constructive development when trying to provide medical attention to these people. To save a lot of money and for the sake of the nation's development, then we should provide food to the people in such areas and save money for development. When we supply them with the required foods, it means that they will be in good health condition, and they will be able to participate in development activities to deal away with their bad situation.

It is also clear that the lack of food leads to slow progress in various areas of development, such as education and employment. Such problems are among the main reason why we should be at a position of providing food to people in areas where there is food insecurity. People incur a huge amount of money working on how they will make food available in their area. As a matter of concern, we should supply them with food and invest their money on education as well as employment since this is how they will be able to get out of their persisting problem (Garasky et al., 2006). Education becomes a light to several areas because educated people will always bring in a new things within their region. An area with several employed people will always shine because the employed ones will always look for various ways of delivering their people out of the problem that has hindered their progress hence encouraging their progress and development in various areas. For the sake of these people's future, it is our responsibility to ensure food is sufficient in these regions.

Another effect of poor as well as inadequate nutrition leaves several children susceptible to diseases along with illness, where which can lead to stunted growth (Mott et al., 2018). To avoid this problem, it is good to supply nutriment to areas with food insecurity to ensure their health condition does not hinder their progress. People and especially parents may use a lot of money catering for their children's health, which could be prevented by the quality and adequate food supply. For the sake of the future of these children, supplying them with food make it easy for their to survive hence saving the future generation. Stunted growth, as well as illness and diseases, are threats to individuals' health as well as to future generations.

Furthermore, we should have a vision of bringing hunger to an end in the future. The only way to achieve this goal is by having a sustainable development goal to work with targets. The above vision helps in ensuring that every person, regardless of where he or she is living, can live a healthy life. To achieve this goal, it means that every person in the nation has a role to play (Garasky et al., 2006). One way to achieve this goal is by supplying people in underdeveloped areas with sufficient food to ensure continuous progress. Food supply to such areas makes them remain hopeful hence making them have a positive attitude to their future. Being informed always plays a significant role in fighting hunger. For us who are capable of supplying food, we should always remain informed about the food insecurity areas to be able I achieve the vision. On top of this, it is good for us to remain updated about Sustainable development Goals to ensure we can support fully where help is needed to enhance progress a well as development.

We also have a role of donation, where we are expected to donate according to the health of people in these regions. Donating foods of high quality as well as quantity will help in enhancing people's health. In various ways, it should be a concern for people in developed regions to ensure people in disadvantaged areas are not faced with food challenges. Since it can be a challenge for an individual to offer food supplies to people in these regions, any willing individuals should look for a program that offers support in those regions and donate through them (Mott et al., 2018). Visions help people to remain focused and with a desire to help to enhance development.

Food supply minimizes the chances of soil erosion. Soil erosion occurs in areas which are faced with food insecurity challenges because farmers will always try to get something to sustain them from their land. Removal of soil in most of cases occurs in dry areas where due to starvation, people will try various ways to make their land remain productive. When food is supplied to such areas, they are likely to preserve their lands and avoid soil erosion consequences. Soil removal may expose the area to more severe challenges, and to avoid this in the future, the privileged people should provide foods to ensure land preservation.

It also helps in minimizing prices in foodstuffs. It is normal that where there is a lack of food, the suppliers will supply food at high prices. As a result, this will hinder development in unprivileged areas because they will spend a lot of money on food and not in development. Lack of food makes the demand high, and when the suppliers are few, the prices will be high. The sellers will always do so to ensure they get the incurred expenses and make a profit out of it. When there are suitable donations of food will enhance savings methods to people in these areas hence making it possible to meet the future vision (Garasky et al., 2006). Besides, where there is sufficient food donation, the buying price will be low hence reducing food expenses for other needs. When the food price is increased, it shows that many people will be exposed to malnutrition challenges such as stunted growth, sicknesses, and illness because they lack sufficient money to cater to such needs.

Food provision to food-insecure areas is essential since it helps in minimizing the chances of social unrest. Every Peron needs food, and when food is supplied at a low rate, people will contest for survival. Food shortage makes everything else, including cooking oil, and transportation, as well as other thing and activities to increase prices.

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