Free Essay Example: Environment Photo

Published: 2023-01-18
Free Essay Example: Environment Photo
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The image creation that I came up with is very informative of my relationship with my environment. The biggest component of my environment is my fellow human beings, and the image depicts me as a different person. Through it, I am able to identify with individuals who have physical attributes that are different from my own and thus I can relate with them in a new light. Through these images, I also feel like I belong. The images help me to realize the continuity of nature from m environment and through myself. I feel like I am one with everything that surrounds me and that the continuum of nature is not broken by my presence in this environment. Through the images I realize that the fundamental components that create everything that surrounds me are similar to those that I am made of, the only difference is their arrangement.

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The culture in my niche is diverse, encompassing many cultures which have become intertwined and interdependent yet each maintains its uniqueness. This is revealed in my image which depicts several cultures in one self-portrait. The pattern shown in my hair adopts a feminine and masculine style in the same picture, which shows the gender diversity which exists among the people of my locality. The facial features which are represented in my photos also display the varied people who are present around me. Different groups of people have varied accentuations of different areas of the face and body. The image brings forth some of these diverse facial features from my community. The image creates harmony between all the diverse representations of the people whose cultures and different. The creation thus reveals some of my personal and shared cultural perceptions that we are all similar in spite of our differences and it depicts the peaceful co-existence that has come to develop between all the members of my community. The depiction of shared cultural perceptions that resonates with me the most is the joy that results from the cohesion between the different people of my society. The image depicting a merge of the various cultures also shows elation. The coming together of completely diverse people has not interfered with the joyous living of each of the members. The ease with which this came out in my image was a pleasant surprise to me. It was an effortless outcome of the merging of different attributes from different people. How the image brought out the truth of what individuals experience in reality during their intercultural relationships was surprising. The experience has taught me several things about myself and all the people who are around me. After doing this exercise, I am now more aware of my place in nature and how much I fit in with everything that exists around me. The image also dawned unto me some truths about the society that I live in and that built my appreciation of the people who are around me.

The self-portrait, also known as the selfie, has greatly impacted the way we see our place in the world. That is mainly because it impacts the way we see ourselves (Veena and Krishnamurthy, 2015). An individual's perception of themselves greatly impacts their perception of their world because it influences psychological processes such as mood, which by definition is the state of one's mind which colors their perception of the world. Selfies have an influence on our self-esteem, and they mostly help to boost it (Veena and Krishnamurthy, 2015). When one has an improved perception of themselves, they are likely to have an improved perception of the world around them and their role in it.


Veena, G., & Krishnamurthy, M. (2015). Perception Towards Capturing Selfies and Its Impact Among Students of Mangalore Universit: A Study. Retrieved from

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