Console vs. PC Gaming - Free Essay on Video Games

Published: 2022-04-05
Console vs. PC Gaming - Free Essay on Video Games
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Gaming is a recreational activity undertaken by people, especially when on their leisure time. It is an activity, which is increasingly gaining awareness and acceptance among people of different age group, regardless of the age (De Schutter 157). Gaming is an activity in which people engage in for either entertainment or commercial purposes. The field of gaming advances significantly with most people investing in the industry. In some countries, there are clubs specifically designed for this activity. The most common sites for gaming are either PC gaming or console gaming. The preference of a particular gaming activity relies on a person's interest as well as the thrill associated with the site. However, there are differences in each section, which make a person prefer one to the other.

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A console is a platform, which hosts various games. In consoles, the gamer, one taking part in a particular game, controls the game by using a gaming controller. Consoles are relatively cheap to purchase and are prone to receiving much attention from many people. Console gaming has gained cognition in the recent years due to the graphics and thrill it presents to the players. Some consoles include the Xbox and PlayStation. PC gaming is a type of gaming taking part in a person's individual computer. PC games depend on the operating system on one's personal computer (Gadd and Tammy, n.p.). PC gaming is one the old gaming platform, which has significantly advanced with the advancement in technology. With much interest in the most proficient gaming site, PC gaming has garnered much support (Ojala, and Pasi, 44). Such is attributed to the various favorable and outstanding features of the platform when compared to those in consoles.

PC gaming allows a user to upgrade their games to the latest specifications. As such, the user is always updated on the current trends in their game preference. When in need of a particular game, PC gamers have a wide variety of options from where they can source. Payment is made once, and the player enjoys a variety of sports. Console, on the other hand, are relatively cheaper to purchase. However, they are obsolete as once has to pay to enjoy the updated games. Their specifications are only applicable to the particular game, thus requiring the gamer to purchase regularly the updated games, therefore becoming expensive.

Consequently, PC gamers can customize their gaming components and make them more usable and to their liking. According to Kow, the gaming components are removable thus making this easy and efficient (n.p.). As a result, gamers tend to prefer this option as they can customize their gaming equipment to various characters, whom they may wish to emulate or showcase their style in multiple games. Console components are limited to those defaults when they were bought. As such, this feature makes them take a common outface as it is challenging to customize them.

Regarding graphics, PC gaming possesses more significant and more refined graphics systems. PC gaming has a superior performance due to the clarity of its graphics. Pc gaming gives the gamer a chance to download various modifications for the games and achieve better graphics. The mods provide the games with new and more improved features and experience a better and superior gaming experience. Better graphics are much more important in gaming, especially when playing online with other players. On the contrast, consoles lack this feature, thereby being less superior and low regarding graphics.

Additionally, PC gaming gives the player an option of choosing the method or way of playing. They allow the user to use either the keyboard or the controllers. Such a feature is vital as the gamer can practice their skills using any means and determine what works best. In addition, this allows the user to use either implies of playing when there is a default in one. Consoles are limited to the use of controllers online, and the failure of one requires the purchase or replacement as there is no alternative (Ojala and Pasi. 45).


Gaming is a recreational activity, which attracts people of all genders, races, ethnicity, and age. The gaming experience gives one a sense of joy and fulfillment as they take it as a leisure activity. As such, many are quite specific about the specifications and features of a particular gaming platform. Their preference has seen PC gaming garnering more following that the console gaming. PC gaming provides better graphics, ability to modify and adaptability, thus being the more preferred one to console gaming.

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