Recruiting Workers, Training and Making Compensation

Published: 2023-01-10
Recruiting Workers, Training and Making Compensation
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When an organization decides to internationalize, various issues should be put into consideration among them the staff members that will be employed in the newly introduced subsidiary. It is important to have systems that should be used in determining the compensation levels that will be given to workers to ensure that they are compensated adequately and the payments are made in line with the local rules and regulations. Additionally, there are instances that the employed workers may need to receive extra training to ensure that they have the right and adequate skills.

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In this case, there are three potential employees that have applied for the position of the plant manager position, and I believe that the right candidate for the position is Fredrick Rogers. Rogers has been with the organization for some time, and he understands its ethos, its values and the way it operates. Therefore, it will not be a difficult process to integrate the policies that the organization utilizes and the rules in the Far East and its values (Mooney 2019). Ensuring the production of high-quality commodities has been one of his strengths, and this is in line with the organization's desire to manufacture quality goods (Heathfield 2018). The fact that he has never worked outside American will be a good thing since this will present him with the opportunity to take new challenges and improve the quality of service that he will be offering the organization in future. Having a young family will not be an obstacle that will affect his work ethics.

An organization that adequately compensates its workers stand a good chance of being successful since the staff member s are usually motivated. The best approach to select for the compensation process should be Variable/incentive compensation (Huhman 2015). It is important to realize that in Japan, employees are employed for a lifetime and this means that they may lack the motivation to work hard since they cannot be fired even when they do not reach their targets (Bonner 2018). Therefore, paying them based on their performance will enable them to raise their productivity levels and enable the business to realize its goals which include offering quality commodities to its clients (Kokemuller 2017). Having targets that they need to meet will ensure that they are working with a clear idea of the issue that they need to achieve in the long and short run (Mayhew 2019). The procedure will ensure that the organization will reward the top performers rightly and the workers who are not reaching their potential will be motivated to work effectively.

After the hiring process, Horizon education Inc. may need to undertake their staff members under some additional training regime, and the form of learning that they may receive may include understanding their roles, the culture of the firm and the other obligations that they are supposed to observe. The management should consider evaluating the staffs and determining the areas of development. It is clear that the workers will not be in the same level of qualification and skill level and considering that they will be working towards the realization of the same goals, they need to complement each other (Larsen 2018). Their areas of weakness should be managed through training, and they need to be given information on how they can improve their performance and determine the way to set their personal goals and work toward achieving them.


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