Focusing on the How of Violence - Article Review Essay Sample

Published: 2022-06-06
Focusing on the How of Violence - Article Review Essay Sample
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The article summarizes how violence happens and how people take it. Force has been used as an aspect in different areas, for instance in video gaming. When the tern violence is used, alertness is gained since everyone is aware of want to expect. However, it is different when it comes to video games made in 2013 which show a lot of shooting, maiming, and torturing. It might be because of the excess violent scenes making the games monotonous (Hamilton, 2014). If the violent acts were made to have a purpose, then it would change the boredom associated with most video games, for instance, in the post-apocalyptic zombie survival game, which involves direct and grisly violence but shows the emotional deformation of the characters. Interrogation is another act factor involved in the violent video games. It is meant to help determine the truth behind something though it also includes violence.

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One of the value-based assertions is that interrogation has to involve violence which in turn helps to learn the truth about something. The video games have indicated cases of torture, for instance where Trevor, a playable character is seen torturing an innocent man and does not stop despite the screaming. The interrogative approach is another assertion which shows how the United States carries out their investigations in the real world. The purpose of the violence in the video games is another assertion. After shooting and killing, the participants are expected to change, due to the horror of the situation. The protagonists Joel and Ellie in the zombie survival game, for instance, are seen to have emotional deformation at the end of the game. The films are used to discourage adverse effects of participating in violence.

The evidence is used to show the relevance of encouraging violence. The video games should not be used as a way of entertainment only. The scenes should be made in a way that they are educative. The video games are mostly played by children, and since they encourage violence, the negative effects will deter children and other people from engaging in violence in the real world. The article also shows the consistency of the video games production. In 2013, the video games had lots of violent scenes which ended up creating boredom since they did not have any purpose. However, the use of the massive shooting, maiming, and torture was shown thus creating interest in the game. The article demonstrates transparency on how torture is done in the United States especially by the intelligence group to get information from suspects (Hamilton, 2014).

The choice of words is related to video games and computing. Various video game names have been used throughout the article such as BioShock Infinite, gaming website and others. Others words are related to violence such as shooting and maiming. They are meant to emphasize how violence is carried out such as Consensual Torture Simulator and the effects such as the screaming the victims. Logic connects been used throughout the article, starting with where the character Trevor is interrogating an innocent man and since he was not hardened, what he could do was scream. A logic connect has been created between the interrogation methods seen in the video games and the ones which are used in the United States to get information from suspects.


Hamilton, K. (2014). Focusing On the How Of Violence. New York Times, 3.

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