Essay Sample with a Fictional Speech

Published: 2020-11-26
Essay Sample with a Fictional Speech
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For several years, Africa as a continent has been encountering forms of dictatorship when it comes to leadership. The majority of the elected leaders have been seen to refuse to get out of power despite their term has ended. Because of their refusal to step down for other to take part in leadership, it has caused them a great loss such as withdrawal from the International Aid. Examples of African countries that have encountered dictator kind of leadership include Zimbabwe, Uganda, and Libya among others. Apart from dictatorship kind of ruling, other countries have been seen to hold a high level of corruption and injustices. A country like Kenya has seen the level of corruption enter into another level where the elected leaders are using the government resources for their benefits. Countries like South Sudan is often faced with injustices where people are killing each other because of self-gain yet no one has been taken accountable of all the injustices taking place.

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As a continent and as a country, it is the duty of every countrys citizen to take charge and fight against all the corruption and the injustices to save the state of the continent and that of a country. With the current innovations in technology, I am fully convinced that the youths can rise and help in fighting corruption since they are the ones who have the potential of being leaders in future. I will give a story that materialized to destructions that if it had been corrected in advance, it could have created a change. In a certain state, there lived a woman who was never fortunate enough to get married and have a family of her own. Luckily, the woman had a child but we did not know who the father of the child was. While staying alone with the child, the woman decided to get a dog to serve as a pet to the family. The mother and the child grew fond of the dog, and they took care of the dog way up as it grew to maturity. The woman noticed that the dog had become responsible for a stage that she could live the child with the dog and later find everything being as it was left. The mother, the child and the dog lived happily until that sad day. It was on a normal day just like the usual days when the mother decided to live the child in the eyes of the dog.

Knowing that everything would be okay, the mother left to run her daily errands. While, at home, unexpected happened in that from the nearby bush, a big snake emerged with the attempt to kill the baby. With the dog being on the watch out, it fought with the snake to a point that there was blood everywhere in the compound until the dog emerged the winner. Coming home from her daily chores, the women notice blood spots in the compound and when trying to locate her child and the dog, they were nowhere to be seen. The dog then emerged from a thicket with full of blood all over its body. The mother being confused thought that the dog had killed her child. Angrily, she took a hoe and hit it direct to the dogs head sending it direct to death. On moving towards the thicket, she finds her child with a dead snake giving her an indication that the dog had fought with the snake to save the child. What could she have done? The dog was already dead, and there was nothing that she could do to bring it back.

The above story should serve as a lesson to the youths and the leaders. The dog here is the country, and the mother is the youths. The earlier the youths figure out that the leaders are oppressing them and try to fight back, the better. Those countries exercising dictatorship should come up with rules on the time required for one to be in power. The youths should learn to work together since, together we stand, divided we fall. Once a leader has refused to step down when she or he is faced with scandals, the youths through the help of reforms should conduct a peaceful demonstration for an action to be done. It is the accountability of the youths to take charge of their country and not to wait until it is too late. The youths should support reforms and demand for equal rights. Reforms are implemented to govern the operations of the government and give equal rights to its citizens.

By fighting corruption and injustices in our countries, we open new opportunities to the country. Africa as a continent will not be seen as a corrupt continent, and it shall open an international aid that will help in fighting poverty and diseases. On another perspective, youths will be subjected to the availability of jobs since there will be enough vacancies regarding employment.

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