Essay Sample Describing Federal Compliance Program

Published: 2022-06-16
Essay Sample Describing Federal Compliance Program
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Conducting oneself or a system especially a health endeavor in an ethical, moral and legal manner is a sure way to achieving desirable results. This allows for moral observance, perpetuation of virtues and keeping to the right side of the law at all times. In that respect, all health organizations such as hospitals are obliged by law to comply with certain essential guidelines. This paper analyses different organizations and what they are required to comply with as per the law.

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The federal compliance programs stipulate that hospices should observe standards of conduct/policies and procedures, eligibility requirements, proper documentation and billing, confidentiality and anti-kickback statutes. Physician practices on the other hand are required by law to ensure patient protection, affordable care, efficient and relevant training and education endowment, accountability, honesty and value for life (Fabsitz et al, 2010).

Home care agencies are required to secure a comprehensive home care license, differentiate the services offered by different entities if more than one entity, ensure consumer and staff awareness in terms of policies and procedures and employ qualified attendants.

Long-term health facilities are mandated by law to ensure freedom from abuse, neglect and exploitation, admission and discharge rights are observed, best quality care, functional laboratory and pharmaceutical equipment and competence of attendants. Lastly, hospitals are required to ensure high level cleanliness, enough supply of drugs, adequate licensing, functional health equipments and machines, qualified practitioners and value for life.

Across all the organizations, three similarities are evident. Firstly, all are required to ensure workers or attendants are qualified and have undergone adequate and relevant training in their various fields. Secondly, every organization is required by law to operate under a licensing agreement to ensure that they engage in activities for which they are permitted. Thirdly, all attendants and employees in every organization are required to observe honesty and integrity in all their dealings. These ensure good working relationships with the authorities as well as patients and their loved ones.

Home Care agencies seem to be unique and different from the rest in terms of licensing. One can hold a comprehensive home care provider license in three different ways; one option is to hold one license and be a Medicare. Another option is to hold two licenses with one of them operating as Medicare and lastly, one can hold one license and be a Medicare as well as have a separate entity that is not a Medicare


Fabsitz, R. R., McGuire, A., Sharp, R. R., Puggal, M., Beskow, L. M., Biesecker, L. G., ... & Clayton, E. W. (2010). Ethical and practical guidelines for reporting genetic research results to study participants: updated guidelines from a National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute working group. Circulation: Genomic and Precision Medicine, 3(6), 574-580.

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