An Analysis of the Change Context, Essay Sample in Hotel Management

Published: 2019-05-29
An Analysis of the Change Context, Essay Sample in Hotel Management
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The consideration of the new manager to engage in the bringing change in Blue Marina Restaurant is a great initiative. Primarily, the current state of the company is wanting as both the employees are worried about the losses it got. In my position as a consultant, I would highly recommend that the initiative of the new manager to be embraced fully in addition to providing support for its implementation. There are many factors that may be looked into in order to understand the kind of strategy the new manager took. These factors are both internal and external.

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Internal drives

Internally, the context of the change that is expected to be effected should be focused on the current administration. There is need to make changes because the environment dictates so. Their services have deteriorated as well as lack of efficiency in the current workforce. The changes advocated by the new manager will fit the context of the current status of the company. This means restructuring and reshuffling of the workforce is necessary in order to successfully revive this company.

External drives

Externally, there is need for change. The customer base has gone down in terms of numbers. A part from this, some more facilities that offer the same services as Blue marina does have been established within the locality. This corresponds to the improving of this company to a chain store.

2. An analysis of the nature of change facing the Blue Marina

In the change expected within this business, its nature should be effective. Therefore, it is necessary to have an overall overview of the problems that have and are facing the company. Going by the competiveness of the market and the low affinity of customers for business that do not serve them well, the change to be affected should be of impact. For instance, the public relations officer as well has a task of providing a report that would be used to measure the current status of the employees and their attitude. It is evident that the delays in serving the customers are a problem associated with poor management of time, resources and poor supervision of the workers. In my analysis I observe that the lack of recognition and lack of duty delegation of duties have been the major causes of failed supervision and orderliness. In addition, the failure of the supervisors and the point of waiting for situations to get out of hand in order to seek for solutions have come up as the challenges that hinder the growth of this business. In regard to this requirement, the close watch on Blue Marinas employees will assist me evaluate the reason for the sudden change in poor customer service.

3. A critical examination of the possible types of employee reactions to the proposed change.

It is justifiable for employees to provide a response regarding this suggested by the new management. First acknowledging that the company might not get the fully support on every area that needs change, both sides should be analyzed. As aforementioned, management parlays a major role in the progress of a business. In this business, some of the employees were not for the kind of change that he proposed. This was because they claimed that the amount of money set aside for such kind of changes is so big that if the strategies do not work, the company will run into bankruptcy. These were those among the ones that only feared and would look at the proposed changes through a positive side.

There was a big sigh of relief from those that were in support of these changes. True to the saying, the majority will have their way; I am in full support of Blue Marinas plans and the much expected changes. However, I advocate for a thorough scrutiny of the suggested changes and accommodation of the ideas for those that do not fully back up this plan of change. This helps in taking caution and overcoming many of the loopholes that exist. The change is necessary since what prompted for change were the losses, the poor performance and losing of its loyal customers. Therefore, disputing changes that had been proposed by a new manager would not be the best way to go. Therefore, my recommendation is that they do embrace the change and collectively work in order to ensure that the changes are effective. Therefore, they should have more undisputable reasons for not acknowledging the proposed changes.

In addition to, the employees would find it hard understanding the logistics behind the reshuffling of the workers. It is evident that there will be criticism in the work place. The old employees would want to associate with the new employees in a bid to understand why there was a change in management. Some of the employees would view the action taken by the manager positively whereas others will not be happy concerning the issue. The communication between the employee and employer will subside. There will be no openness towards the employer since most of the workers at Blue Marino will feel inferior. Furthermore, the decision to make changes was done by the Manager and no employee was informed.

The attitudes of the employees at Marina restaurant will change drastically. Poor attitude will be recorded as compared to the initial attitude. The morale to work shall diminish and this will affect the possible changes that shall be put in place. The workers will not be able to undertake their work seriously. Furthermore, the delegation of duties shall be termed as corrupt. These are the many expectations that will be seen in the employees.

Also, the employee participation in the key matters of the restaurant will be minimal. These reactions occur due to uncertainties and are very common. Initially, the attendance of the employees to the company meetings was frequent but after the changes made the reactions towards attendance was less proactive.


For the change to be effective, as Blue Marinas consultant I will offer the following recommendations. For one, for the company to bear a new image I will ask the manager to rebrand it. Rebranding the Marina restaurant will enable it to win tenders and to create a new image. The public will notice the new changes and will understand that a new management has taken over. Therefore, their trust will begin to be seen with an increase in the number of new customers.

Secondly, for any tender that will be signed, there will be a signed document that will be stored in the companys book keeping records. This will ensure that any deal consented to is written down such that in case of any discrepancy reference shall be made in the signed agreement.

Thirdly, I would recommend that an auditor general be employed from a totally private firm to audit the incoming and outgoing transactions in order to identify the irregularities thereof. Besides, the auditor shall be able to identify flaws, if any, and offer a solution towards the same. Through this, it shall be possible to reveal the corrupt individuals through credit checks and balances.

The other recommendation would be the continued reshuffling of employees within these new chains of restaurants. By so doing, it will be evident that there will be no informal socialization taking place. Furthermore, new employees should be employed on the basis of contract. This will assist in ensuring that if a contract does expire then new people should be employed.

Next, I would recommend that the employees salaries be reviewed from time to time and those who show exemplary work are given bonuses. This issuance of bonuses shall offer motivation to the workers. Motivated workers usually are very productive towards the growth of the company. Besides just giving bonuses, the good performance should be rewarded by offering certificates of recognition to boost them further.

The other recommendation will be to select a team that will oversee the implementation runs smoothly. This team will comprise of both members of the employees, employers and an audit team that will help in providing a report of the financial management on an interval of two months. This will go on until such a time when the proposal has been fully terminated. In addition there will be teams in every department of the hotels management that will be reporting to the manager and the oversight committee on the progress and the challenges that they face.

Team working will be encouraged. This will be possible by hiring of new workers that will have to replace the old ones in the current location of the restaurant. The old team will be reshuffled in a manner that some of them will help in the supervision of work at the new locations. Some will have to remain in the current location of Marina Restaurant. Each team will comprise of 5 members with a leader who will help the coordination of supply of resources, providing daily reports and citing the challenges faced in the execution of their daughters.

On the other hand, the community will also be involved as a way of fulfilling the social responsibility that the manger outlined. This will be incorporated with immediate effect therefore; the culture will be adopted in the future as well. Inclusion of the community in will involve providing employment opportunities of for the youth and those that need to work to earn a living. Some of the positions will be granted to the qualified community members of this region upon completion of the infrastructure that will host the restaurant. Its first profits will be dedicated to the erecting of boreholes to keep the community supplied with clean sufficient water. This water will also be beneficial to the restaurant. This will help create a strong bond with the residents of the area. In turn, they will become the loyal customers of Blue Marina Restaurants.

My other recommendation will involve the reporting of all employees to the manager for assessment over their performance every month. The employer will be able to listen to the challenges that each and every of the worker receives so that he seeks a solution. Through assessing the performance of each and every employee, it will be possible to understand the loop holes that hinder effective management. Thus, in so doing the management shall be able to know who experiences what challenges and how they can be solved effectively.

The final recommendation I will offer to Marina will concern the investing in entrepreneurship. Through carrying out investments in entrepreneurships it will be easier to identify new opportunities. Further, the media and social networking should be used as a channel to highlight the new reforms. Through offering roles in entrepreneurship, people gather confidence in the business structure and employers seek to invest in the new business venture, in this case the Marina chains of businesses.


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