Free Essay on Fashion Items for Ladies

Published: 2022-04-08
Free Essay on Fashion Items for Ladies
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When it comes to fashion items, women are so categorical on the things they shop. Besides the primary importance of body covering against extreme weather, and fashion wear has a distinct message it sends to the people who surround you in the workplace, home, and even on the streets. Different occasions can are definable by the clothing and apparel on our bodies. This essay tries to describe some fashion items I came across while shopping for female shoes, fabric, and rings.

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There were a variety of rings ranging in appearance. The appearance depends on the material and the color. Based on the content, some rings comprise a uniform element to the band and shank. Such rings are made in a smooth finish to avoid any injuries. An excellent example of such rings is the standard wedding rings. It is made of precious material like gold to associate with treasure. Other rings are composed of the band which is, of course, smooth and a shank together with the gemstone attached to it. These gemstones comprise various materials like gold, titanium, tungsten, silver, platinum, and others. The gemstones arrangement along the ring in a particular style known as the placement. The placement could be different regarding bezel placement where a slim gem sits on the metal. It could also be a pave setting where it is a significant stone surrounded by other smaller ones. The placement design on the metal of a gem is innumerable and depends on the taste of the of the consumer.

Rings originate from different places of the world with different cultures. These cultures represent different settings of class or social differences. One may attend an event in London that is meant for married people and therefore expected to be wearing the right ring for the occasion. Some other events like Chinese festivals will require a particular type of ring to identify with the event.

Different rings made from different metals have a variety of colors. Bands in rings made of gold have a variety of colors. These include yellow which is considered to be of the purest form and most ancient. Other metals on the gemstones could be black, pink, purple, green, and others. Each color represents a particular meaning, and a buyer can associate depending on their class and taste. Other people choose the color to match their other jewelry and outfits.

Women shoes

When it comes to fashion, shoes are an integral part of a woman mode of dressing. The shoes represent the class and taste of any woman. In fact, some people believe that a check on a woman's shoe rack could tell so much about their lifestyle. There are different shoes seen in the display at the shoe rack. Some shoes are open with simple designs. Others are opened and structured with straps. Such open pumps are ideal in a hot environment or indoors since they allow aeration of the feet. There is the shoe ideal for cold weather since are open. In fact some boots by design to ensure comfort in particular situations. The most noticeable feature of the shoes is the heel. Most of them are highly heeled, design highly adopted in the modern society. Other shoes depict a wedge shape in the heels. High heeled shoes by design are meant for official reasons and parties. A dancer may, however, prefer a flat shoe.

Various shoes, made of different material draw mixed feelings to the consumers. A leather shoe, for example, attracts the attention of quality and class. Another element shown in the boots is rubber a lesser quality material. Some shoes are also made of fabric material and meant for primary activities like while indoors. The various article making shoes make the owner feel differently on multiple occasions that relate to confidence and general way of performance enhancement.

The shoes are also classifiable on the technologies used in the manufacturing process. Some shoes have been handcrafted showing a high level of expertise by the makers. Other shoes are made by machines that cut the material and join the pieces together.


The display represents an array of material making the clothing. These range from simple nylon materials to more quality cotton, acrylic, silk, and polyester. These materials range in price fro their complex making procedures. For example, silk requires detailed processing starting from the worms to the spinning of the material to make the fabric and the clothing. The complexity of handling explains the differences in their cost. Nylon material is processed in a simple way explaining its second value.

The fabrics displayed also exhibit different patterns and textures. Most of the clothes are printed on various designs and colors. These patterns create warmth cloth appeal designs suitable for many occasions. The material can be used indoors as a single piece due to their lightness and are also ideal for beach events that are washed in many beautiful colors.

To conclude, main components of feminine clothing comprise of jewelry, textiles, and footwear. All these are important in any woman's image and should be selected wisely to represent one's trends, lifestyle and general perceptions about life.

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