A career in therapy

Published: 2022-12-09
A career in therapy
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Values of a job are the factors associated with it that provide the incentive for individuals to keep pursuing it. I would like to have a career as a psychologist. I would specifically be interested in the clinical branch of psychology, and therefore I will work with different individuals in the setting of therapy sessions. Being a therapist has a large number of values which resonate with men which will give me job satisfaction. Intrinsic values are the first category of benefits, and they comprise of the abstract rewards the job will provide which will keep me motivated. First is the autonomy which I will enjoy. Most therapists have an opportunity to schedule their work hours and to work in the way in which they feel most comfortable. The process of working will also help me to be helpful to people, and that is very important to me. The thought of making a positive impact in someone's life will provide a significant driving force for me in doing the work. Besides that, the job will also help me to feel appreciated and respected which gives a great sense of pride and fulfillment. From the mere fact that I will be working with human beings, the job also provides the promise of variety. The variety will keep my interest in the work alive because I will continue facing new challenges. As Twenge (2016), put it in his article, intrinsic values predict how well one will be able to perform at a job. All these factors align with my values, and therefore I will be in a position to be very productive in my work.

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This career also has many extrinsic values which are an excellent addition to the intrinsic value in terms of motivating me to pursue the job. First is the flexibility of working hours. I can make a schedule that allows me to do other things as I prefer. I will also be able to plan time off whenever I require it, and the returns from the job compare well with the work input. These values do not mainly fulfill me as an individual, but they make the work easier for one to handle.

The reason why I would choose the career path of therapy is that it provides me with many opportunities to live out my values. Some of my core principles include service to people around me and giving help whenever I can. As a therapist, I will always be presented with chances to do this for my clients. I also believe in peace, respect for people around me and self respect in work. I will achieve these values working as a therapist because I will determine most of my work conditions and I do not have avenues to feel demeaned by individuals supervising my work. I have the freedom to promote my own belief in work ethic in this career. Some of my cultural values enlightened my choice of career. My culture, in this case, includes all the teachings that were ingrained in me when growing up, which shaped my belief system and made me who I am currently. One of the biggest lessons that were passed to me growing up is the importance of knowledge, especially of the truth. Therapy mostly involves helping people to find out a fact about themselves that they did not know, then helping them to make peace with it. A career in therapy helps me to live out values I knew since a young age, and that will make me so much better in it. As Twenge correctly said, workers who enjoy what they do inevitably perform better than individuals who are only in a job for its extrinsic benefits, and I think that will be true for me.


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