Exploring the Impact of Western Canons on Literature through the Lens of Harry Potter - Essay Sample

Published: 2024-01-30
Exploring the Impact of Western Canons on Literature through the Lens of Harry Potter - Essay Sample
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Western Canons' impact on my own life of literature has been from the influence of the richness in culture and the value the classics attached to the Canons impart in my literature space and understating the concepts of the stable books associated with the Western Canons (Lauter 31). Moreover, the Western Canons have exposed me to a variety of classics having Harry Porter as the most thrilling classical drams where young children understand the hidden mystery hidden from them and confront their fears in the process of finding the knowledge that is so scarce from them (Vitale 162). Therefore, in my understanding of good literature, viewing Harry Porter was a major force to have more expanded knowledge of the concepts of mystery and inclusivity of racial minorities in classical literature to reflect the various global cultures, for example, having the black minorities feature in the classical drama.

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The Harry Porter classical drama increases the belief towards Canons, which are fairly stable books that help shape the Western culture and the entire global landscape of literature for people to explore and become wiser (Lauter 31). The Harry Porter read is a great monument in inspiring Canons' impact to be more engraved in people's lives, which is important to inform the audience of such play of the required ethical standards of behavior and relating to the past which holds meaning to the human life (Vitale 163). My view changed reading the Harry Porter literature by confronting the mystery and strange things that we do not have prior information concerning the topic.

Consequently, the idea in the Harry Porter drama is to promote the preservation of old antics away from people, and the search for such information holds more meaning to human life since the mystery is not something given to them. Still, they sourced the information in person hence holding the information so dear to themselves (Lauter 32). Furthermore, the Harry Porter drama is important in improving the reading culture since it includes many thrills, and the character blend to accommodate even the minority groups gives the art more meaning to the audience (Vitale 163). Therefore, Harry Porter is a timeless masterpiece since it involves young people and who promotes the mystery into the future thereby, the Canon has a personal reason of inspiration to all the audience associated with the literature and by carrying the experience to the future preserves the concept of mysteries which most people have less exposure (Vitale 163).

All should read Harry Porter's book since it attracts the reader to the world of mystery where the audience involves their mind in understanding the Western Canon that improves their richness and value of culture and inspiring the body of knowledge of an individual (Lauter 33). Even though the book is of Western Canon, the content is relevant to any person from whatever regional inclination in appreciating the classical work that helpfully preserves various people's culture (Vitale 164). Hence, the book is a stable mystery book that adheres to the classical concepts long-enduring books should possess.

In conclusion, mystery and culture are two components of good literature, which in most cases do not have a disconnect from one another. They help inform how valued a classical experience will be perceived in a different age where people's views have changed. The two topics provide thematic exploration, which is significant in supporting beliefs and making an individual wise for their own sourced mystery in literature perspective. Therefore, Western Canons are important throughout the world and for people themselves.

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