Free Essay Example on Freedom of Expression

Published: 2019-06-12
Free Essay Example on Freedom of Expression
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In Lomba, there are serious impediments to freedom of expression. The main character in the story gets into trouble due to his use of freedom of expression that ruffles authorities the wrong way. While in jail, the journalist keeps writing albeit secretly to keep his sanity. However, the writing gets him in trouble as much as it gets him out of it. Freedom of expression has been limited at all levels in the story. The authorities ensure that an individuals freedom of expression of curtailed through intimidation and restriction.

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Lomba is jailed for using his freedom of expression. The authorities do not recognize the freedom of expression. Expressing dissent is treated as a crime against the state and authorities. In Lombas case, as a political detainee, he is treated as a threat to the safety of the nation. As a way of deterring his alleged political activism, the authorities incarcerate Lomba to prevent him from spreading dissent to others through his writing. The activities carried out by Lomba according to authorities incite others to think unfavorably of the state.

The author portrays freedom of expression as a means of liberation. Loma uses the freedom of expression that the pencil and papers afford him while in jail to write down his thoughts. While writing, his stream of thought affords him a source of material. While writing from his cell, his thoughts are free to roam and he has the power to shape his ideas and express them. the authorities have no control over what he writes while hidden in his cell. It is ironic that while confined to jail due to freedom of expression, he finds freedom of expression in writing secretly. Lambo finds release in the same thing that got him in trouble and still lands him in more trouble.

Freedom of expression is also used as a means of control by the authorities. By restricting freedom of expression, the authorities have the power over the populations opinions. The public perspective is influenced by what they can say and what they cannot. For fear of reprisals, members of the public have to exercise caution in their expression. In this way, the state controls the speech of the population and sets a precedent of control on other aspects of the peoples lives.

Freedom of expression is also beneficial to Lomba . His ability to write poems gets him out of solitary confinement. He is allowed to have a book and writing material in his cell. Freedom of expression does not give Lomba the liberty he desires but affords him temporary release from the drudgery of solitary confinement and having to write in secret. In addition, when given the chance to write, his mind escapes the reality. He gets to shelter from the harshness of the reality.

Freedom of expression is the ability to carry out activities that show ones thoughts or feelings. The authorities in Lombas case consider freedom of expression as a way of expressing dissent and spreading damaging information about the state. Despite pleading his innocence, Lomba is jailed for an alleged attempt at using freedom of expression in a way that compromises security of the state. Ironically, the same freedom of expression affords him some release in jail. In writing, he is able to escape from the harsh reality. Writing also gets him in and out of trouble with the prison authorities. Freedom of expression has been observed as a powerful tool and authorities have limited it to control the people.

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