Essay Example on Agriculture in the U.S and Good Food Revolution

Published: 2019-11-25
Essay Example on Agriculture in the U.S and Good Food Revolution
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Explain how agriculture in the U.S. is a history of racial exploitation?

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Racial discrimination in the U.S was frequent back in the 18th century when Agriculture started taking shape. This is because whites shipped slaves from Africa who were used as cheap labor in their farms. As such, black people were seen only as servants who work in the farms of the whites.

What are some of the lessons Allen gives us about how to be change agents ourselves?

Some of the lessons that Allen gives is that always be positive and ready to bring solutions to problems affecting us within the society. After realizing that food scarcity was an issue is his area, he decided to establish a farm which ended up producing food that is healthy and consumed by thousands. He further creates employment to hopeless youths and unites communities through agriculture.

He also remained hopeful that he can change the food people consume in a food desert area where people only ate in fast food restaurants. He never gave up but gave agriculture its best and since then he has touched lives with his initiative.

What are some of the problems with sharecropping as a system?

There are several problems that were associated with this system. One of the problems is that the system forced the black farmers to stick to cottoning growing even though the prices were falling during that time.

Another problem is that the African American farmers ended up owing the land owners a lot of money. They ended up being in debts hence the land owners forced them to sign contracts that were exploitative hence couldnt make their lives or situations any better. In some cases, all their produce at the end of the year ended up going to the land owners. This left them with nothing at all to feed themselves or their families.

How is Allen working to empower different marginalized people in his community? He gives several examples throughout the book, give two.

Allen is working to help the marginalized by taking them through educational training to help them attaining agricultural knowledge that will help the produce food for consumption.

He also funds some of their projects through resources set aside to help in such initiatives.

Chose one quote from the book and explore how to offer an empowering vision/model of social change?

The most interesting quote from the book is We don't give up. No matter what, we keep fighting. That's the character of this team. And I think we can grow.

The quote will give others the urge to grow and the spirit to keep fighting despite the challenges.

What life lessons does agriculture teach, according to Allen? Explain two and how they helped empower youth in the community.

The life lessons that agriculture teaches us include hard work, proper health by taking good food, being innovative and creative too.

The two most common ones were the fact that Allen insisted that people had to work hard and do urban farming. This would help them harvest food in places there were no food or rather food was much expensive for one to afford. Secondly, agriculture teaches us that it is important to plant our own food and harvest healthy food that will not interfere with our health. Allen reminds us that preventing an illness is much easier than treating it.

How can growing food be healing and empowering according to Allen?

Growing food is healing to people as they get chance to have all the food they have for their families. As such, in case of a food desert, one will have been healed from it since they enjoy food from their farms.

On the other hand, Allen believes that urban growing of food is important as they provide people with knowledge about agriculture hence getting empowered. Furthermore, money can be raised from the excess food sold hence used to pursue more knowledge.

What is the Good Food Revolution, according to Allen?

According to Allen, Good Food Revolution refers to the act by which Agriculture is turned into a work in progress practice ensuring that it provides food to the surrounding people. Through good Food Revolution, food systems are established which help eliminate racism, create jobs to the dismantled youths, improve public health and most importantly unite both the rural and urban communities.

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