Emotional Communication Essay Example

Published: 2022-08-25
Emotional Communication Essay Example
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Emotions are part of us in our day-to-day life. People tend to show how they feel through emotions. We show our feelings through them. It is normal because we do them every time we communicate. Expressing emotion can be shown either verbally or nonverbally. In this context, the discussion will be on happy, fear and anger emotions. The discussion will be from the film "Pearl Was Here."

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Nonverbal communication can be defined as ways in which people talk to pass a message without using words, it can be intentionally or unintentionally. The signs we used nonverbally are the backbone of our communications. Most of the time they form a very vital part of our message. (Hollo, et al,2018) When we Understand and use nonverbal communication when expressing emotion successfully is an essential aspect in every part of our daily life. These non-verbal markings include facial expressions, gestures, body gestures, or touch movements. In the film Pear Was Here, the little girl by the name Pearl express emotion a lot in a nonverbal manner. The girl "smile" when she saw the doll cased inside the glass shelf. Therefore, in this case, she has facial express "happy emotions". She went ahead and make the "dolls" kiss one another, this solidify nonverbal expression of "love". Pearl nodded sideways when her mother orders her to get out of the doll encase, that means she disagrees with her mother and that she was not going to get out. This way of nodding is a gesture which is part of nonverbal communication. The young boy screamed aloud when he saw Peal inside the glass-cased shelve with the dolls, this shows how much he was scared. Facial expression expresses "fear emotions". Peal mother shows anger in her face by frowning. "Anger" is facially expressed as she frowned at Pearl for being inside the dolls shelve. Raising her tone also express how emotionally she was angry at Pearl. Personally, am afraid of dogs, one day a friend of mine come along with her pet, I remember screaming for fearing the dog might bite me, hence 'fear emotion' manifest itself out.

Verbal communication is expressed in the short video "Pear Was Here". Interpersonal communication forms an emotional part in our daily life also. Clinical interaction experiences us with the emotions of oneself and others and It is essential to discuss everyday conversations and how these emotions are expressed and understood in interpersonal and personal well-being. Similarly, in a therapeutic state, Progress depends on how cautious the client represents himself, among others. Emotions, and how the therapist understands and reacts to these expressions. In this is We take an interdisciplinary approach to understanding language communication. Feelings can be experienced in various contexts. From the short video, we see many instances where the verbal communication of emotions being expressed Pearl's mother expresses 'anger' to her daughter for not coming out of her hiding. "I want you to come out right now!" is a verbal expression of emotion showing that the mother is not happy by the fact that her daughter was not will to come out. The women with a neck injury shout "ooh sweet Jesus" to signify a sigh of "surprise" this indicates the woman disbelieve of the fact that there was a kid inside the toy store. We see people applause by shouting showing sign of 'happy' that the girl was safe. It clear that the store girl shows expresses fear verbally to the unrest mother. Pearl mother tries to use persuasion to try to draw her daughter out of the store "come out mummy will make you macaroni tonight" is an emotional verbal communication used by the mother to express love to her daughter. Usually, we found ourselves expressing our emotions in verbal and nonverbal communications.


Hollo, A., & Burt, J. L. (2018). Practices reflecting functional communication training for students with or at risk for emotional and behavioral disorders: Systematically mapping the literature. Behavioral Disorders, 0198742917751697.

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