My Inventory Description - Personality Essay Sample

Published: 2022-04-18
My Inventory Description - Personality Essay Sample
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From my inventory, I realized that I portray much aspects and behaviors in the direction of openness and extraversion. My score for extraversion and openness to experience is high from the elements that I depict while associating with most of my friends.

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1. The Two Aspects of Personality that Describe me.

The personality traits that describe my inner person are openness and extraversion.

2. The aspects and percentile associated with Openness to experience and Extraversion.

The percentage of openness is exceptionally high since I, at sometimes become outspoken and end up revealing even my issues to most of my close friends. In most instances I tend to show a high level of love to associations, appreciation of ideas, I take part in airing out ideas and always consider being in a company of friends whom I can share my experience. Additionally, I can say that my percentile for openness to experience is extremely high since I allude to all possible aspects of taking part in adventures and trying out all possible good things. Having new skills is the rule of my life thus I take part in most and all possible experiences. The measure of extraversion in me is also relatively high than even my friends since I tend to find all means possible to boost my feelings, energy, and emotions by taking part in all happy moments. I incredibly like parties, being around people, participating in plays and making myself a priority but always considering my friends in enhancing happy moments. I often take charge in rejuvenating and re-energizing myself by taking time with my friends and participating wholeheartedly in making any single picnic successful. The aspect of extraversion in me is directed to all the possible ways of doing and feeling my best in everything that I do. For that matter, the percentile gathered is a real appeal to my personality since it's something that emerges automatically in me.

3. My view of the Aspects of Openness to Experience and Extraversion to the Actual Aspects of My Personality.

The percentile is a representation of my personality since it's like explaining all possible manner and the way of my life. The score outlined shows that I allude to making myself familiar with doing anything new since I portray that I do not really like change train. I also depict unusual ideas, adventure, and imagination.

4. Example of Openness to Experience and Extraversion to Daily Life.

An example of openness in my life is in the direction of open up my mind to speak about something that is disturbing my mind. I end up sharing all good and bad experiences in my life to the point that I sometimes regret the information that I release to my close friends. In that matter, I have always ended up disclosing much of my personal information. Aspects of extraversion compel me to spend time in rejuvenating and refreshing my being in all possible aspects that make my life to be better than before. Additionally, the other example of extraversion in my life is the fact that I usually consider taking part in an adventure like trying out sea diving, swimming, attending vacations and picnics to extremely new places. All these aspects put me at a broad base for grabbing the best aspects.

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