Free Essay with a Proposal about College Issue

Published: 2022-09-21
Free Essay with a Proposal about College Issue
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One major issue found at Grossmont College is parking. As we all know, parking is a prevalent issue. While the department of transport is reviewing the parking management program such as allowing us to park at the residential neighbourhoods, this problem is not only affecting the students but the teachers at large. Since there is a large number of people attending the college in the morning, the parking lots always fill up quickly, thus leaving many students to struggle (Banerjee & Associates, 3). Some of the challenges faced were excessive automobile use where the external parking costs were increased. This made all the residents, teachers and students to park at the Local area near the school thus causing congestion, environmental degradation, adverse use of lands and uncompensated accident damages

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Moreover, this issue leads to many problems, like getting to class late, and wasting gas. This has eventually become an obstacle in the students' daily lives. By eliminating this problem, students will worry less about finding a parking spot and more about their classes. Moreover, in this way, they can study without missing any significant points of understanding they need. During the first few weeks of school, it is almost impossible to find a parking spot in the morning, which makes it incredibly difficult to get to class on time (Banerjee & Associates, 6). One way in which this issue can be solved is by building another parking lot so the students, staff members, and whoever needs a parking spot will not have trouble finding a parking space in the morning.

Another way in which we can solve this problem is by having screens that show where the parking spots are filled and where there are empty spots for students to park. By creating this system, a lot of time can be saved. Instead of spending at least an hour a day looking for an empty spot, it will take you up to seconds to figure it out. The management would also solve this issue by building and adding parking screens. This would generate many positive outcomes. The outcomes can include better ratings for the college as one of the reasons the college rating are down is the inability to find a parking spot every morning. The solution to this problem is by trying many options together to facilitate smooth operations.

According to the solution developed by the City of Department of Transportation, the creative parking solution as suggested by Harvard such as the Zipcar by use of the local cars made it easier for people that used their vehicles for occasional purposes like running errands and going for trips (KollieMay n.p). Another idea derived from Brigham Young University was the creation of the master plan by using the pedestrian-oriented development patterns because it mixes the commercial needs with a high level of transit and walking use. This innovative series provides Provo to the road users by making them understand that driving can be simultaneous and pedestrians using the roads cannot discourage driving.

The executive director of Transportation and Parking of Minnesota University Bob W. Baker came up with another parking solution composed of three campuses. While everyone found the idea to be complicated because of the combination of the East, West and St. Paul's campuses, he intended to introduce an intercampus bus system that connects to all the universities without charges (KollieMay n.p). While the name of this system was known as the Metropolitan Transportation, it was also known as federal congestion mitigation that allowed the implementation of the UPass program. However, for maintenance purposes, every student was required to pay a fee of $50 per semester. The goal of this project was also to increase transit in the campuses thus reducing the emission of carbon monoxide. All cars also travelled using single-occupancy lanes. The purpose of this program, in other words, was to reduce the demand for parking

Each student, employee and staff, in this case, were allowed to use the busses inside the metropolitan region. The goal for this is to reduce the number of personal vehicles that come in the university thus reducing the packing demands. The intercampus bus system also connected every route of the campus. To encourage single occupancy demand. Lastly, cycling was one area that the school introduced because they take less space (KollieMay n.p). The number of bike racks as suggested should be tripled to make the idea attractive. The program of renting bike lockers not only does it facilitate a more significant area of bike storage but also generate new bike lanes.

In conclusion, parking spots are a significant problem in colleges. To solve these problems, the management could build a new parking lot and add screens showing the empty spots to save time. Saving time is significant in resolving the issue as it is one of the most challenging aspect in school. The addition of bicycle lockers is, in fact, the best of all because of the management. This will enhance more space for the buses and other activities on the campuses.

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