Evolved Thesis Based on the Wizard of Oz Movie, Essay Sample for Everyone

Published: 2022-03-29
Evolved Thesis Based on the Wizard of Oz Movie, Essay Sample for Everyone
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The Wizard of Oz is a film produced by Metro Goldwyn Mayer Company in 1939 to portray how hope can influence change in society. It is a film that supports the ideas of populism as the characters have been given roles to represent the general setting of a society. The wizard witches and the events of the starring character, Dorothy stands for two complementing of hope and change. In this case, Dorothy is a representation of hope to the people of Oz. Given the film's plot, it is evident that two worlds are existing in this fantasy movie; the town of Kansas a normal town and Oz the land of witches (Harmetz, 28).

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In the film when Dorothy and her dog find themselves in the fantasy land of witches where they seek help from the locals. They, therefore, set a journey to Emerald City to seek help from the wizard who people thought had the power to grant any wish. On the way, they meet with new friends who want various grants from the wizard. However, Dorothy comes to bring hope to people of Oz since she killed the witch who could be killed anyone, who then gives her heels. On reaching to the feared wizard palace, they make a deal to kill the wicked witch for him to grant Dorothy and her friends their wishes. However, the dog unmasks the wizard to be an ordinary man who could not grant them their wishes (Fleming, Wizard of Oz, 1939.).

Each of these events presents the stages of oppression by the people in power, however no matter the time of oppression there always emerges dawn of light. The characters represent the ordinary people in society, those who hold power and those who extort others. The starring character, Dorothy is the dawn of light that comes in Oz to open their eyes. She has no extraordinary powers, but she performs a good deed by unmasking the Wizard of Oz and killing the evil witch. There comes a time when the oppressed revolt and bring revolution when they eventually gain courage. People of Oz are seen to believe in Dorothy because she brings courage and hopes to Oz. the film shows a lion that is full of fear to symbolize the state that potential people may have but they don't believe in bringing change themselves. The use of characters such as the brainless scarecrow which follows Dorothy to the Wizard is the symbol of the oppressed social class which does things blindly for the people in power. In regards to hope and change, the starring character brought hope and influenced the change of guard in Oz. This film is an eye-opener for populism considering its time of release in the American history.

It's important to note that the movie ends with Dorothy waking up in her bed like it was a dream. The audience dawn to the reality that it's a fictional and fantasy movie when Dorothy returns home, she tells of her adventures, but no one believes her. This symbolizes the setting and plot of a movie to be a fictional genre; however, its meaning is deep as intended by the writer of the film. The idea of hope is developed through the plot, from the time Dorothy appears in Oz, through the hope she gives to the people she meets through her journey later brings a great change in the Land of Oz before she returns home to Kansas.

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