Essay Sample on the Reproductive Health Policy in Venezuela

Published: 2019-11-20
Essay Sample on the Reproductive Health Policy in Venezuela
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Paragraph Summary of the Policy Brief

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Venezuela, as country, relies heavily on oil industry; its economy is now under the great influence of the tumbling oil prices. In terms of reproductive health, people have trouble getting enough healthcare services because 70% of public hospitals are not able to provide diagnostic services and surgery; medical staffs have dropped by 50%; 68% outpatient clinic have closed (Morse, 2016). There's also a huge scarcity of contraceptives in Venezuela. This severe lack of healthcare services and family planning supplies cause more serious issues on Venezuelan women's reproductive health, such as increase in teen pregnancy, increase in unintended pregnancy and increase number of maternal death. Given the unstable political situation in Venezuela, healthcare organizations around the globe should take the lead and implement programs to help alleviate Venezuelan womens reproductive health issues.

Significance of the Problem:

The policy issue being addressed in the paper has been presented in a very precise and a compelling language. The author has used very simple and clear language that is easy to understand. Additionally, statistical facts have been integrated in the writing thus precision is much enhanced. The background to the significance of the problem has been covered exhaustively hence the root cause is well stated.

Preliminary Significance Score

Existing Approaches:

The United Nations Population Fund program is recommended as the best approach that can address the womens reproductive health in Venezuela. The approach through which the fund is rolled out suites the Venezuelan context as it is a holistic strategy that reaches the grassroots population hence the problems faced will be addressed at the community level. The advantages of the approach have been discussed and the focus has been placed on the womens health issue. Additionally, its collaboration with several other organizations makes the anticipated outcome more efficient. The disadvantages, however, have not been discussed.

Preliminary Existing Approaches Score

Selected Solution:

The solution suggested can be actualized by the decision maker as it has been proposed and further be adapted to the womens health reproductive health. The goals of the project are very clear and the implementation as suggested will be at the resource level. The author has outlined the collaboration of the project with several other organizations. Its consideration of the previous challenges is an innovative approach that would enhance the decision making process hence curb any problems likely to be expressed amicably. The project is intended to impact health by providing more maternal health services and improved access to public health.

Preliminary Selected Solution Score


The policy issue is easy to read with an attractive layout. It has less grammar mistakes and other distracting typos.

Preliminary Presentation Score

Other comments:

The author has used empirical facts to support the arguments presented, in text citation has been used where appropriate and this makes the writing more scholar.

Overall Policy Brief Score

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