Health Information Technology - Free Essay Example

Published: 2022-12-14
Health Information Technology - Free Essay Example
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Health information technology is very important and plays a key role in terms of health provision in the United States. It is one of the factors that has contributed to the advancement of health and efficiency more so providing quality service to the patients. Some of the technologies that have been put in place include electronic health record systems. There are also those tools that are personal for instance Apps and smart devices. The benefit of the use of health information technology and in particular the EHR is that there are efficiencies in operations between the providers and the patients. (Liang, L. L. 2010). EHR has thus managed to provide quality health care for patients more so by increasing efficiency. Health information technology is a wide term that defines infrastructure and technology used to analyze, share and record patient health data.

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As the hospitals and physicians provide care to patients, they usually generate and process the information. Health information technology as at now has promoted a significant increase in efficiency in most of the health sectors by helping them manage information regarding their patients. Some of the advantages are that it may contribute to the increasing quality healthcare and alternatively the outcome care for various patients.

The electronic health record has enhanced outcomes for the healthcare setting. The EHRs can bring efficiency to the providers in the following ways.

Allow the physician to access the patient's care and conditions directly into a record which is computerized and eradicates the use of medical transcription by the physicians. (Wheatley, Benjamin. 2013).

Swift providers to recommend generic medicines other than prescribing drugs with brand names and are very costly.

Identify potential allergic reaction or harmful drug interaction to aid physicians to cope with patients who have difficult chronic conditions

Health information technology is trusted by many policymakers and analysts as a requirement for improving the quality and efficiency healthcare service to the citizens of the United States.

When electronic health record is related to the financial outcome, it is more beneficial to both the providers and the patients themselves. A lot of savings are realized thus lowering the cost. Health information technology has expounded the health sector in the United States of America. Both private and public institutions have been able to run without any complications and also being in a position to increase their financial status hence becoming more efficient than before. The EHR enables the providers and patients to link properly thus making operations in the hospital to be fast. Time that would have been used to retrieve information regarding patients is minimized, and this makes the operation not to be costly as it used to be. There is, therefore, an improvement in the health sector with the introduction of electronic health records in hospitals unlike before where the clinical, and financial data were housed in health systems separately. The reason why the original system designed this way was that financial data required to be offered to certain teams were tasked with specific functions like payment and cost. This system enables clinical teams to focus on hospital-specifically attained conditions and readmissions. The use of information technology in the hospital has proven to be a powerful tool as it has ld to the introduction of the electronic health records that have significantly enhanced operations in the hospital sectors.


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