Ethical Issues Surrounding Covid-19: Safety vs. Rights - Essay Sample

Published: 2023-11-12
Ethical Issues Surrounding Covid-19: Safety vs. Rights - Essay Sample
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Following the covid-19 pandemic, there have been ethical issues both in the United States and abroad regarding civil rights and public safety in the realms of people’s lives both at home and in the workplace. Concerning the pandemic, today's decisions would be of implication to the organizational behavior, modern culture, and business ethics for decades (MGMT 3400 CASE 1). Some of the ethical issues regarding covid-19 in the US and abroad underscore public safety and constitutional rights, Civil liberties and public safety crisis in businesses, business operations under shut down orders, Confucianism during the pandemic, ethical businesses and human rights considerations during the pandemic and ethically6 operation of businesses in locations with totalitarian controls. Therefore, the covid-19 pandemic calls for specific strict measures that may result in denial of individual rights in the quest for protection of public health and safety that may present ethical issues that need to be addressed.

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One of the primary ethical issues is balancing safety and liberty as citizens are forced to give up individual rights for the sake of a common good amid the covid -19 pandemic. That is in consideration with the public health intervention that may jeopardize individuals' rights to achieve the goals of public health (MGMT 3400 CASE1). Another ethical issue is civil rights issues as the government's safety restrictions are curtailing such rights during the covid-19 pandemic. While some lawyers oppose such actions terming them violations of the American constitutional rights, some litigators are for them, citing that they are part of public health guidelines (MGMT 3400 CASE 1). The balance between individual rights to safety and public health and safety presents demeans of challenging individual liberty rights like voting rights, release from detention, gun rights seizure, and religious liberty.

Moreover, there have been ethical issues on the civil rights issues following the covid -19 pandemic with regards to the interplay between the federal governments and the state in response to the crisis. That is matters of the functions of government while adhering to the social distancing protocols, whether the procedures of voting should be changed, the strength of the state in regulating quarantine and challenges of the First Amendment like free speech, freedom of assembly, free exercise among others. Also, there are issues of others. Also, there is the ethical issue of confusion culture since Confucianism winning the covid-19 war following the hysteria, panic, and fear among citizens (MGMT 3400 CASE 1). Conversely, people in the front line in institutions of recent epidemics like the healthcare sector are likely to go on strike on the failure to implement and adopt serious measures.

Finally, there are issues on considerations on human rights during the covid -19 pandemic especially in addressing and responding to the crisis on the groups that are most at risk like LGBT people, minorities, people with disabilities, people living in poverty, the elderly, women, migrants and children (MGMT 3400 CASE1). With regards to providing testing and treatment, reducing risks in jails and detention facilities, boosting access to water and sanitation, avoiding the sacrifices of other rights, helping across the borders, tackling violence at homes, and addressing the economic fallout.

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