Free Essay Describing Ethical Dilemmas in Psychology

Published: 2022-08-26
Free Essay Describing Ethical Dilemmas in Psychology
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Case 10-1

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The ethical dilemma, in this case, is that Tyrone procrastinates for a long time and does not consider Seeker's idea claiming that he was too busy and Seeker was a colleague employed elsewhere. Is it fair for Tyrone to argue that he has been too busy for a period of 10 months to consider Seeker's request because she deserved to know the position of the committee reviewing the official policies and research practices (Koocher, & Keith-Spiegel, 2016)? The APA guideline that was potentially breached here is competence and responsibility because Tyrone did not bother getting back to Seeker to define the essentials (American Psychological Association 2017). Tyrone needs to be more competent and not too busy with helpful opinions.

Case 10-2

The ethical dilemma in the matter is that Witholden gets angry at Freeman for terminating counseling with him and deciding to see another therapist. The issue is that Witholden does not want to send all the records of the therapy counseling with Freeman because he has not paid his amount in full. However, this is against the practices of HIPAA and the money owed is not an issue. Witholden should provide the records for the time when they worked together with Freeman. The case breaches the APA guidelines of record keeping and fees as per HIPAA (American Psychological Association 2017). Witholden needs to adhere to the rules and release the records to the new therapist.

Case 10-32

The ethical dilemma posed in the case is that Dr. Cipher associates every reported difficulty of Urlee Hit with the childhood traumas which continues to damage the supervisory relationship. The doctor reacts to every case talking about the primary influence being the traumas, and it seems that he is undermining Hit's confidence and does not take care of the relationship between the two(Koocher, & Keith-Spiegel, 2016). The main APA guideline breached is the lack of sensitivity, privacy, and confidentiality because though he is a professional, he forgets about the needs of Hit (American Psychological Association 2017). Always talking about the trauma considerably reduces the relationship between the two. Dr. Cipher needs to handle her case well, and if he thinks that childhood traumas are the min effects, he should advise Hit to seek counseling.

Case 10-51

The ethical dilemma is that Sherman intimidates his clinical supervisee because she tries to turn her body. The point is that the supervisee is already tired because Sherman rests his hand for too long on her lower back. It is Sherman's fault yet he bullies her for being cold and saying that she does not make a good therapist. Sherman breaches the APA guideline of respect for people's rights and dignity because the supervisee feels bullied yet it was Sherman's fault (American Psychological Association 2017). Sherman needs to learn of ethical actions and relations towards others.

Case 10-53

The ethical dilemma in the case is that of women intimidation as Macho lacks to answer Zena's question stating that women do not belong to the field and he continues to indicate the general unsuitability of women (Koocher, & Keith-Spiegel, 2016). The actions of Macho reveals that he does not care about the students understanding concepts in class, especially women because they do not deserve to be there. Macho breaches the guidelines of ethical sensitivity and professional interactions as he looks down on women for not getting concepts that men can easily understand (American Psychological Association 2017). Macho needs to work on building ethics in the profession to make him suitable for the position he is holding at the moment.


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