Cognitive, Physical and Psychosocial Development. Free Essay.

Published: 2019-05-17
Cognitive, Physical and Psychosocial Development. Free Essay.
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Looking back in my life, I thank the Lord for each and every aspect that He made available in my life and even those that He kept away; I trust they were for my own good no matter how desperately I wanted them. It is always said that we should not forget what we want most by replacing them with our immediate desires. That is why no matter everything that I missed in life, I still appreciate the fact on file that I had a chance to make it this far and come up with a bucket list of all the things I would have loved to do right now and the near future.

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First I would fancy drawing since cognitively, I am pretty sure it involves much imagination, motivation and creativity. When the trees are combined, a perfect outcome is realized such as an amazing painting of my beloved mother. Physically, it would involve much body and mind coordination that is quite healthy for the average man.

I would as well love to do manicure and pedicure as physically, this would enhance my outward appearance and elevate my general outlook. Psychosocially, the ability to be able to do manicure and pedicure will enable me set a good example to my juniors based on the importance of keeping clean nails, feet and hands.

Gardening cannot miss in my list of things I would love to do. Physically, gardening would enhance the health and safety of the flowers and little plants in my lawn. Cognitively, gardening creates a serene atmosphere where there is free aeration of clean air.

Not to forget is the never ending desire to know how to make jam. Physically, this process would involve so many movements of all parts of the body such as hands to put together all the ingredients of the jam. Cognitively, it would require the knowledge of Maths so that to be aware of the ideal quantity of all the ingredients.

I would have loved to know how to make soap as psychosocially this would have cut down the expenses that my family goes through to buy soap. Cognitively, the money saved can be used to do begin projects for the family.

I have always desired to know how to bake cakes as psychosocially; it would have enabled me save time and expenses involved in purchasing cakes. Physically, this would have improved my health as cakes are rich in a couple of nutrients ranging from proteins to vitamins.

Being able to write poems would have cognitively enhanced my ability to analyse critically a situation or an aspect more than the average human being. In the sense of psychosocial development, poems would have improved my mental abilities such as creativity.

It is important to be well versed with the habit of forgiving people as cognitively; forgiveness renders the muscles of the brain total relaxation that in turn leads to ideal functioning of the brain. Cognitively, forgiving one another promotes peace and unity.

The ability to dance the tango will not miss in my list as physically, to dance, just like any other exercise is healthy for the body. Cognitively, dancing involves the coordination of all the muscles of the body, and this helps to keep the body active thus resisting any infections.

Finally, I would love to be a good caregiver especially regarding my area of speciality-Nursing. Physically this would have engaged my body in lots of activities such as demonstrating to the patients how best to take their exercises so as to remain healthy. Cognitively, this would have equipped me with all the knowledge that is required in my area of specialisation. Psychosocially, this would have enabled me save the lives of a good number of individuals in the society.

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