Free Essay - Ethical Issues Associated With Chemical Engineering

Published: 2023-02-23
Free Essay - Ethical Issues Associated With Chemical Engineering
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Chemical engineering entails the use of principles of chemistry, mathematics, economics, physics, and biology to effectively design, produce, and use various chemicals and resources to solve problems facing humankind (Burgess, 12). It also entails the use of mathematics and technology to address the issues man face in his day to day life. In doing so, chemical engineers should keep in mind the health and safety of the public and at the same time protecting the environment (Randall, 1). Some of the engineers responsible have failed the ethical test in situations where they produce products that harm human beings and the environment. The Blue and Gray Press noted the use of unsafe chemicals that kills the reefs when students interact with the environment. The newspaper noted that sunscreen contains harmful chemicals that affect coral and marine life. The chemical engineers are responsible for these effects as they are aware that the chemicals used are dangerous to the coastal environment. They prioritize money over the safety and health of living organisms.

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Chemical engineers must choose what is ethical and unethical in practicing engineering in society, and they have a responsibility to ensure that the chemicals used are safe. Engineering ethics requires a professional engineer to follow certain moral principles while practicing so that the lives of people and the environment can be protected. The safety of people is paramount, as stipulated in the NSPE Code of Ethics. The protection of the public's safety, welfare, and health should be taken into consideration at all times (Bielefeldt, 41). The NSPE Code of Ethics for Engineers provides the fundamental cannons and the rule of practice that all engineers, including chemical engineers, should follow to ensure they protect humankind and the environment.

Conclusively, chemical engineers need to follow strictly the fundament cannons which require chemical engineers to hold paramount the health, safety, and welfare of the public. Chemicals can kill both human beings and living organisms, including the environment. The rule of practice requires that engineers should look into the possible hazards that may affect the people while they are practicing engineering, for instance, the kind of chemicals to use. The fundamental canons, the rule of practice, and the professional obligations provide the engineering ethics that guide what the chemical engineers needed to do. At all times, chemical engineers are required to follow these Codes of Ethics to excel in their work and also to protect man and the environment at large.

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