Changing Education Paradigm, Free Essay in Education

Published: 2020-04-27
Changing Education Paradigm, Free Essay in Education
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Education is meant to make students better in terms of knowledge and information. However, the current education system does not serve the purpose it is meant to. At the same time, there are many other venues of education and creativity that have grasped the attention of young students. The industrial video on changing the educational paradigm as an industrial, educational model has both benefited me and has been a detriment to me.

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1) One way that I have benefited from the industrial, educational model is that I have learnt that the current system has a rigid expectation where a student is expected to go to school learn and graduate then get a good job. That makes me open minded about education. At the same time, I have benefited by learning that the current education system might be hindering creativity. There is divergent thinking, which is the ability to see different possible answers to a question. Students are segregated into different age and sections that are not necessary. Different students are different and have the ability to do better than another in different subjects or exams. The current education system favors fewer people, but the majority do not benefit from it. Knowing that the education system does not favor many, I now know that lack of education does not mean a person is not capable of finding a job or being successful. I am motivated because I believe that my performance in school does not necessarily define my future success or failure.

The current education system is not meant for the children and people of this age it as designed and conceived for people of different age. The education system has separated people into two groups that are the academic and nonacademic people. The nonacademic people maybe brilliant but due to the separation, they may think that they are not as brilliant. I am now aware that children are victims of distractions from many sources starting with computers, phones, and television channels. These avenues of distractions are stronger than the boring education system. At the same time, the video has been a detriment since it made me look at education in a different way.

2) I now do not value education as much as I did before I watched the video. I look at education as a rigid system that reduces creativity and is limited to a certain structure, and it causes chaos and eventually A.D.H.D. An education system that is strict on the interest of industrialization. I know believe that education reduces students knowledge as with time they deteriorate as far as performance and knowledge are concerned. Students are the victims of the education system. Students are going through an opposite system, instead of being woken up and letting them release what is inside of them they are being choked by a system that anesthetizes them. I am more skeptical about the education system as it is set for the wrong audience in the form of students. The methods used in teaching the students is not the appropriate one and can be boring and, therefore, hindering the understanding and concentration of the students who are supposed to learn.

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