Essay Sample on Online Business

Published: 2024-01-01
Essay Sample on Online Business
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Pitney Bowes shipping and mailing service company is still recovering from ransomware occurrence. The attack in the company encrypted all the information in their systems. Customers were locked from refilling the postage, accessing their accounts, and sending pro products. However, this attack has not interfered with any employee or customer data. This malware attack on the systems was realized on October 14 and 15.

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Just after detecting the cyber-attack, the Enterprise Outage Response Team immediately assembled, which was given the mandate to mitigate the problem. Also, the company closely worked with third parties who were expertise in security to solve that concern. To keep customers after the attack, the organization ensured that its customers are not at risk. Up to date, there is no evidence that customer's data or accounts have been hacked.


Cybersecurity is a broad topic. It is essential to know these basic topics on cybersecurity to be safe and stay on the Internet. Topics involved in cybersecurity include privacy, data breaches, online scams, malware, and secure passwords. Malware, in cybersecurity, this term has many meanings. It is just like a general term used in all types of Internet and software malicious. Besides, it is used to devastate ransomware.

Data breaches are also another topic in cybersecurity. This deals with caring for privacy. Companies are ensuring that criminals and scammers do not get customers' data. Therefore, privacy ensures that there is no theft of data. Another important topic is privacy. It is always important to hide everything, even if there is nothing wrong done. Websites, apps and all online services data should be protected from cybercriminal.

A secure password is also an essential topic in cybersecurity. Passwords should be protected from criminals. Criminals should not access users' accounts and data—finally, online scams. Online scams are currently common in almost all social media platforms. Therefore, companies should ensure that all data are protected from scammers.

Vital Choice

The Internet is swiftly becoming a vital choice for businesses done electronically and electronic commerce. Internet is a rapid choice in business because the technologies are set in a way easy to use and universal (Grefen, 2015). The internet technology standards are easy and cheap for several organizations regardless of the information platform or internet technology the company is using. The technology of the Internet is providing easy and cheap services. With the Internet, it is easy to coordinate all the business activities. The Internet in business is better, unlike using property networks. Companies are using the Internet in transaction reduction and costs for the agency (Grefen, 2015).

The Internet is reducing the cost of writing, passing, and keeping the information. The information created, sent, and stored is also made available at any time. There is no limitation of information to old physical methods of delivering the information. Internet technology makes it easier for customers to identify and know the products they need to purchase from their website.


That method of direct buying of the items is the best because customers are not straining to get the required products from intermediaries like the retailers and wholesalers. The Internet is also shrinking the information asymmetrically, transforming the relationship between reach and richness of information (Grefen, 2016). For instance, the companies are cheaply and quickly give pertinent details of a product for a large group of customers simultaneously.


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