Free Essay Example: The New Email Platform

Published: 2023-03-21
Free Essay Example: The New Email Platform
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Change Description: The marketing department at Motawi Tileworks has identified a new need that should be solved by the new email platform. The department wants the new email platform to accommodate its email marketing campaigns. The new email platform should allow the marketing department to track sales leads, buy domains, and retarget Facebook and Instagram ads (Lunden, 2019).

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Reason for Change: Motawi's marketing team has insisted that the company begins email marketing campaigns to enable the company to compete effectively in the market.

Resources required to implement change: Two persons from the marketing department, two persons from the IT department, and two people from the email platform supplier.

How will this change impact scope, cost, schedule, risk, etc.?

Impact on Scope: By implanting the change, the project scope will expand from installing a new email platform to improve communication to having an email platform that also allows for email marketing campaigns. In addition to enhancing communication at Motawi Tile works the email platform will also perform marketing duties.

Impact on Schedule: Due to additional additional resources needed to implement the change, the project schedule will change. Data collection will now take five days instead of 4 days ("A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge," 2019). The configuration will take five days instead of the initial four days. The new changes will not affect the supplier search and selection. Training will also not be affected since the marketing department already knows how to use emails for marketing campaigns.

Impact on Cost: To accommodate the new specifications, the cost f the project will increase. The purchase costs for an email platform that allows for marketing functions are quite high compared to the cost of an email platform limited to communication functions. With the new changes, more resources are required, which leads to an increase in project costs.

Impact on Risk: The change requests from the marketing team reduce the project risks since the application identified risks associated with the change. Implementing the change request enables the project manager to handle the time and financial risks related to implementing the change (Khalifa, Samin & Ahmad, 2019).

Change Control Board: ______Approved______ Rejected




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