AI Regulation, Cybersecurity, Superintelligence: Issues with AI Dev - Essay Sample

Published: 2023-10-15
AI Regulation, Cybersecurity, Superintelligence: Issues with AI Dev - Essay Sample
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Several issues are associated with AI development and utilization and include AI regulation, cybersecurity, and superintelligence. Each issue is broadly discussed below.

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AI Regulation

Regulation is one of the major issues that are related to AI. It is critical to note that AI is a modern technology that is not included in existing laws. In this sense, AI-related products and services that are unregulated may pose either threat to the consumers. Studies have reported that the regulation aspect of the AI has its benefits. Notably, it ensures that AI safety becomes an integral component of future development programs. The regulation, in this case, implies that every new AI will have to be subjected through a development process that immanently focuses on the reduction of the non-compliance and failure possibilities. Regulation has its disadvantages. At the international level, regulation will reduce the benefits associated with different types of AI (Soni, 2020). The benefits associated with technologies like passenger planes, search engines, industrial robots, and virtual nursing aids will be minimized.


Superintelligence is another critical issue associated with AI. There exist arguments that robots improve themselves by becoming better. The improvement of the machines beyond humans may benefit from solving problems beyond human intelligence (Batin et al. 2017). The AI superintelligence has enhanced problem-solving in the areas beyond the capabilities of human brains (Legg, 2008). This is based on the fact that AI has lacks limitations on the size of its brain, and its formation can travel at the speed of light. This aspect of the AI has its drawbacks, however. It is anticipated that superintelligence will cause huge threat job replacement of humans by machines to improve efficiency (Levy, 2018). It is also believed that if this type of feature is given a role in the military or medicine, then it would hold tremendous power over humanity.


AI is playing a huge role in cybersecurity, with an increasing role. Through this, many organizations have been able to use security tools to analyze data from the millions of incidents that take place across the world (Wirkuttis & Klein, 2017). AI under this situation has been used to identify the potential threats directed towards employees or organizations across the world. While these benefits are known, several drawbacks are associated with it. AI may get hacked to develop sophisticated ways of cyber robbery. Under these circumstances, the governments and companies may get exposed to enemies through technology. Studies have shown that AI can hack into the system’s vulnerability much quicker and better compared to humans (Wirkuttis & Klein, 2017). It can be utilized to disguise attacks without the knowledge of the targeted host or victims.


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