Essay Sample: Market Research on Detergents

Published: 2022-07-06
Essay Sample: Market Research on Detergents
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3.1 Detrol Detergents - Questionnaire

Thank you for agreeing to take part in this questionnaire. Answer the questions with honest as the results obtained shall be used.

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What is your gender?



What age range do you fall in?






How many times do you purchase detergents?


After two weeks



On average, how many times do you laundry?





How many kinds of detergents do you use during laundry?





Are the detergents you use right?



On average, how much do you spend on buying detergents (e.g., from a supermarket or shop) per week?

PS1 - PS5

PS5 - PS10

PS10 - PS15

PS15 - PS20


What do you consider before purchasing a detergent?





Any opinion regarding detergents note below.

Thank you for your participation.

3.2 Market Research on Detergents

People commonly use detergents for various purposes. Similar to food products, detergents have high demands. Therefore, to have a competitive advantage over other companies of similar kind, effective marketing structures need to be established. For instance, awareness campaigns about the detergent need to be conducted to inform the customers on the need to purchase the product over other similar products. Also, by use of media advertising will attract more customers. Due to the advancements in technology, most people explore products through use of social media. Engaging customers through various social media platforms will help maintain potential customers and attract new ones.

Through the questionnaire, more information regarding detergent use in the public is known. This is because the information obtained from the participants will be useful in future marketing plans. Also, from the data obtained, the company can know on what areas of production need improvement.

3.3 Analysis and conclusions from the collected data

Most of the participants appeared to use detergents on a weekly basis. This means that detergents have a wide market. However, a larger percentage of the participants were of a middle income. Therefore, to attract more customers to purchase the product, fair pricing need to be emphasized on all the detergent products. Customers are attracted to brands that are well known for fair pricing. Customers are attracted to quality products as compared to quantity. Quality tests need to be performed on the detergents before releasing the products into the market. This way, customer satisfaction is guaranteed. Most of the participants that gave out their personal opinions were female. This is because females participate in laundry more than males.

3.4 Evaluation of the Research and Proposed Improvements

The market research was effective as the data obtained from the participants will be useful in ensuring further growth and expansion of the business. However, improvements on market research will make the research more effective. For instance, customers need to be awarded on regular basis for purchase of the detergent product. This way, potential customers are maintained while other new customers are attracted to purchase the detergent product. Also, push promotional strategy need to be implemented to benefit both the consumers and the company. According to business scholars, push promotional strategies allows organizations to meet their customers' needs and demands. Each personal opinion of the participants shall be considered to improve the detergent products. In conclusion, a questionnaire is an important tool that allows organizations gather information from customers.

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