Essay Sample Discussing Stress Management and Coping Techniques

Published: 2022-02-16
Essay Sample Discussing Stress Management and Coping Techniques
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Below is a discussion following a meeting called by the students' leader to discuss stress management among university students. The objective of the group discussion was to examine the stress level, the causes, and to identify coping skills. The students' leader who headed the meeting opened the floor for debate and requested the members to participate actively in achieving the goals and objectives of the group meeting. One of the group members defined the meaning of stress as a mental or emotional strain and tension because of adverse and demanding circumstances. The group resolved to begin by investigating the background of the topic under discussion.

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The members brainstormed on the various thoughts about the topic. For example, they highlighted the causes of stress such as financial problems, lack of sleep and family issues. The financial difficulties of the students got identified as among the most contributors pf stress, due to the rise of cost living and poverty level. The majority members agreed that lack of financial support was the principal associate that contributed to stress among university students.

Also, family related problems came out, as the most a critical issue in the debate on stress. Most students experience family problems that directly affect their learning ability as revealed by poor performances. Another, point that emerged in the discussion was the adverse secondary effects arising from the students such as tension, confusion and low esteem. These challenges make students experience problems in time management during the examination period as well as in their activities that get reflected in the poor results and negative social interactions.

The group members agreed through consensus that there is a real problem because of stress, which leads to a significant number of students performing inconsistently. The leader of the group was in tandem with opinions of the members that on most occasions, students had experienced stressful conditions that resulted in the inability to complete their assignments and other academic obligations in time. Additionally, what came out in the discussion was that most of the physical and emotional results of students stress were depression, fatigue, headaches and not being in a position to cope.

Upon the raising of the problem statement, the group's chair requested members to focus on the developing issues to solve the problem. These formed the basis of the goals and objectives of the meeting that got discussed in depth. The conference, therefore, raised specific points as follows: first, the causes of stress among students, and secondly, looking into the various techniques for dealing with the pressure to bring long-lasting solutions.

Through a general observation by the members of the meeting, personal relationships got identified as one of the leading factors that predispose stress. The personal relationships were either of intimacy, blood, or marriage origin. Besides, the bonds developed between close people; such relationships may turn out into abuse that becomes very traumatizing - for example, money related seclusion, family problems, and domestic violence among others. Such conditions lead to the victimized student constantly reflecting on such issues instead of their academic work. Other personal factors identified as sources of stress in the lives of students included changes in students' environment at home and subsequently in learning. Other challenges were seen to be within the campus especially in the accommodation where some roommates become burdensome to others.

The meeting discussed the problems facing the students in details where they resolved to the following recommendations. To start with, the school management should develop a course for stress management courses to be in the school curriculum. Such should be made mandatory for all students to ensure that they are equipped with ways to avoid and face their stressors heads on. The professional trainers will enable students to fight stress from the learning perspectives by understanding the psychological dynamics of stress as well as tested ways to reduce the stress.

Another resolution was to ensure that the student body and the administration put more emphasis on sports and other social amenities to provide a channel for directing negative energy and emotions in a constructive way. Such processes should also involve the teachers to allow a successful interaction between the staff and students on a regular basis. Such attempts will allow a bond that can be utilized to share stressing conditions for seniors who can assist accordingly. Additionally, guidance and counseling should be part of school management. Students should also be educated on other mechanisms to cope with stress such as meditation and other concentration techniques.

As I attended the university group discussion, I made an analytical report of the meeting. From my close observation, I noted that the chairperson started the meeting on time. The meeting was opened by the chairperson by the required protocol; a short session with the statement about the goal and purpose of the meeting. Such created a hint of the discussion on board to members, as he encouraged them to participate effectively in the meeting by making. That was crucial in ensuring the group members were on the point. Also, I found that the chair controlled the meeting by facilitating discussion and coordinating effectively to the satisfaction of every group member. The chairperson to the meeting also demonstrated diligence by restoring order in the meeting in when the members got out of hand.

Excellent coordination of the group was also depicted in the procession of the meeting. Some of the dynamics observed among the participants were their attitude and behaviors such as; active participation among some members, while others were shy and could not fully participate in the session. Considerably, some of the members showed critical and creative thinking when responding to the discussion, but some were dull such that they were hardly making any constructive or productive debating on the topic. Also, I released that members of this group showed effective listening skills, in a sense that most of them maintained eye contact, responded to the questions and gave a reason with evidence of their opinions and solutions to fix the problem that raised as results of making a decision.

Most importantly, I noted that when the issue emerged regarding the best way to follow and not all members reached an agreement, in this case, they ironed out their differences through consensus rather than voting method. However, they always came to a consensus through a well thought out decision which all the participants got fully satisfied. Alternatively, when some members opposed they had the opportunity to air out their opinions and if they raised an idea with enough justification their point the put into consideration. That formed a good plane for discussion on the various issues onboard.

Furthermore, at some point during the meeting, participants could change their views that they had initially conceived following listening to the most appropriate decisions than what they had presumed. This was achieved when other members gave correct justifications for arguments without any reasonable doubt.

Finally, during the meeting, I observed that some of the participants had terrible communication problems. For instance, they could not put their points clearly, during discussion hence lacking clarity in their arguments because of improper language articulation. Therefore, this brought a barrier in communication although other members could communicate effectively. Delving on my analysis, I learned that the group discussion was generally effective as the members participated actively hence promoting collaboration among the members which led to the achievement of the group's objective which was coming up with tangible solutions to alleviate stress among the students.

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